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Onward. (As always, click pics for larger versions).

I decided to side the house with clapboard siding. Because I’m bent on recycling what I pulled off of and out of the Big House, I used some large intact siding pieces, having to buy only a couple new ones. House is painted Americana Warm White.

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My original color plan was to have the trim pink, to match a cute pink and white full-size house I saw on Pinterest (it was a tiny cottage, charming in pink and white).

But… when I was riding my bike around, I saw a little house that had been newly painted in soft white with a bright red to red-orange trim. It looked wonderful! I came home and rooted around my old paint box, and found most of a bottle of Crimson (Folk Art brand paint by Plaid). I tested it and really liked it, so this is the house’s trim color.

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The top floor, with flooring in place (flooring is the commercial sheet flooring; this one red oak). You can see a Victorian-style sconce in the corner, which was originally in the Big House.

Because this will be an antique shop, the owners will sell antique lighting as well. And because it’s a shop, I can stick the lights anywhere I want! 🙂 (BTW, if you watch the Murdoch Mysteries, you can see full sized versions of this type of sconce on the walls of the police station–at least in the earlier seasons.)

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The first floor with some of the furniture and lamps I’ll use jumbled in. I’m roughing in the lamps here. I had a “stained glass” window left over from The Big House, which I put in the front window here.

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To finish the inside, I used sheets of board-and-batten siding painted with Ceramcoat Antique White. Much trimming will come.

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The dormer cut and painted. I’ll shingle it when I shingle the roof.

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The porch ceiling in place, but the porch roof off. You can see the wedge porch roof supports, which are supplied in the kit. A lot of the wiring will go under here.

IMG_1486 (960x1280)

Porch mostly done. I used the board-and-batten siding on the porch ceiling, painted Warm White to match the outside wall color. The sconce is a Clare-Bell Brassworks sconce I had been using in my colonial house. The porch floor is Americana brand acrylic, Medium Gray, mixed with a little terrarium sand for texture (to simulate cement).

I’m surprised at myself for daring to go red. I’m usually so subdued with color–going for pale yellows and white and greens–earth tones (as I did in The Big House, the Fairfield, and the quarter-scale bungalow). But I think it looks sharp! Perfect for a little antique shop you’d find on the side of a back highway.

More to come.