Because I’m not happy with doing one project at a time, I pulled out another kit I purchased a bit a go. I’m also determined to make all these kits, so here we go! (As always, click pics for larger versions.)

IMG_6724 (960x1280)

Sparrow Cottage is designed and sold by Sue Herber, who comes up with some lovely and unusual quarter-inch scale houses. I’ve already built two of hers, the Dutch House and the Arch de Provance

Sue sells her kits at shows and also on her website: I don’t see Sparrow Cottage anymore, so it must be gone, but I do see Honeysuckle Cottage, which I bought from her at the NAME show, which I will do next.

IMG_6725 (1280x960)

IMG_6726 (1280x960)

IMG_6729 (1280x960)

IMG_6730 (1280x960)

First floor, foundation, and outside walls go together first, and base color put on the house. I couldn’t find the colors she suggests (paints change their colors often), but this is close. I used Ceramcoat English Yew Green for the base; the trim will be Apple Barrel brand Country Gray. (Will show the outside in the next post.)

IMG_6728 (1280x960)

The kits come with everything–stone and shingles for the facade, windows and doors, and wallpaper and flooring paper for inside. I chose to use scribed flooring from Northeastern (The Quarter Source carries it; as do some hobby stores), which I stained before gluing in. The tile for the kitchen is paper included in the kit. I sealed it and gave it a shine with a light coat of Ceramcoat gloss varnish.

IMG_6731 (1280x960)

Living room painted and papered. I didn’t use the paper that came with the kit–this is leftover, probably from another of Sue’s kits. I’ll use the paper from this kit in another project.

IMG_6732 (1280x960)

The kitchen has a built-in china cabinet in the wall. Neat! It’s roughed together as the outside walls go on.

IMG_6742 (1280x960)

Kitchen papered and nearing completion. You can see through the shelves, because the back wall of it is part of the exterior put on later.

IMG_6734 (960x1280)

The staircase is not in the kit. This house has enough room that I wanted to experiment with stairs. So many 1/4″ house don’t have them! It came out rough, but this is an old, rickety cottage, so it fits. 🙂

The staircase is a bashed kit from Karen Carey ( She has several different stair kits). I glued each step to the back edge of the previous step, the whole thing supported by the wall.

IMG_6735 (1280x960)

IMG_6736 (1280x960)

Staircase goes behind a false wall in the living room. I did that so I wouldn’t take up all my wall space–want a place to put furniture. Next pics are various angles of the staircase.

IMG_6737 (960x1280)

IMG_6738 (1280x960)

IMG_1614 (960x1280)

IMG_1615 (960x1280)

IMG_6741 (1280x960)

As you can see, I finished of the staircase wall with a false wall and door that could lead to a closet or stairs to the basement.

I found it much easier to finish the entire downstairs, including putting in the doors, cornice, and curtains before gluing on the second floor. Not much space in there for my large hands.

IMG_6739 (1280x960)

In fact, I finished the second floor wallpaper too, using the second floor as a guide to placement, before gluing in the second floor.

IMG_6740 (1280x960)

IMG_6743 (1280x960)

Here, the second floor has been installed and roof already glued on. The roof parts are prepped with the shingle paper first, before the kit goes together. Much easier to put on finished roof pieces.

I made a couple changes to the second floor. First, I painted a lot instead of doing all wallpaper (and again, I used paper I already had).

Second, I moved the dividing wall way to the right. The original position was under the big slope of the roof which is kind of hanging out in space now. The staircase coming up would have made that room too small for my purposes, and I have a bathroom set itching to be used. So, moved the wall to the right, forming a small bathroom. The remaining open floor space will be a loft bedroom.

Painting instead of papering meant I had to cover a lot of raw edges, but small wood strips got the job done.

IMG_1646 (960x1280)

IMG_1661 (960x1280)

The interior more or less finished. Next post will show the exterior going together and the completed house.

Quarter inch scale is a refreshing break for me–instead of spending a year (or ten) on a house, I spend a couple of weeks, then put it on display in my living room. Another motivation for finishing the kits is learning–I want to design a 1/4″ house of my own (someday).