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The exterior of Sparrow Cottage (kit by Sue Herber). I didn’t take as many pics as I built the exterior, but it was pretty straightforward. (BTW, thought the English Yew Green was a bit dark, so I softened with a wash of very watery antique white, wiped with a paper towel.)

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The gable piece that forms the porch walls also is the backside and wall of the kitchen shelves (see previous post).

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The pots of greenery and window boxes with greenery are also provided. Everything you need! I dabbed the greenery lightly with different colors of craft pain to simulate blossoms (used pink, crimson, blue, and a touch of buttercream).

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The kit comes with stone paper that’s glued around the right side and front, and then around the foundation and into the porch (which is formed by the foundation and two pieces of wood that jut out, covered with stone paper to hide the seams).

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The most challenging part for me was painting and cutting all these 1/8″ wood strips to form the half-timbering. The wood strips are the only things not provided–I used three 24″ strips total for the house.

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But I got it done. A nice touch is the little birdhouse that goes under the eaves of the main gable–hence the name, Sparrow Cottage.

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Here is the bathroom set I bought from an artisan a few years ago at a local show. I’ve not had a 1/4 house with he space for it until now! I’m happy it’s found a home.

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Interior and exterior finished. Now I need to furnish the house! I will be building things and gathering accessories. And probably starting another kit (oh, wait, already have…posts on it forthcoming).