IMG_6764 (768x1024)

Front roof with dormer is on, and porch roof is laid in place. Painted the roofs gray–debating whether to keep them like that or do shingles. I dislike shingling! I’ll think about it.

IMG_6760 (1024x768)

For the back half of the roof, I decided to forgo the solid roof piece and make a light frame with acrylic (it’s wood strips around a piece of acrylic bought from Hobby Builder Supply). The enclosed roof made the attic dark, and I’ve crowded a lot of things in there. I wanted them to be seen.

IMG_6761 (768x1024)

Here’s the whole thing from the back. You can see that I’ve set it on the foundation, but haven’t glued it on yet.

IMG_6762 (768x1024)

IMG_6763 (768x1024)

The downstairs interior mostly how I want it. This photo shows the old sconce which is wired up ready to light.

IMG_6767 (768x1024)

The porch will hold antiques too.

Next, I will finish hiding the wiring, then trim the rest, glue it to the foundation, and do finishing touches. I will probably put the whole thing on an 18×18 board, which will aid with a place for the lighting plus the front steps.

Then I’ll decorate the porch with more “antiques.” The fun part!