I bought this shoe house from Suzanne and Andrew’s minis a few years ago (see the link under “1/4″ Scale Resources”). They list it on their site as “semi-retired” so I hope they bring it back. It’s very cool. This image is from their website–I haven’t finished yet!


My “story” for this house is: It’s a shoe that mice found discarded in an attic, and decided to make into their house. These are evolved mice, so they built the house part onto the shoe and will furnish it.

The walls of the first and second floors are curved outward, a neat design. Because of that, the parts are of thick mat board.

IMG_1671 (1280x960)

Windows are included in the kit. I love the Victorian look of these. My color scheme is going to be pink and white, a bit different from the colors used on the prototype.

IMG_1674 (960x1280)

The walls are bent by carefully scoring and bending. Carefully! 🙂

IMG_1677 (1280x960)

IMG_1676 (1280x960)

The two first-floor and two second-floor walls bent.

IMG_1675 (1280x960)

The first floor partly put together. Flooring comes with the kit, though wallpaper does not.

IMG_1680 (768x1024)

IMG_1681 (768x1024)

I didn’t have enough quarter-scale wallpaper scraps (or anything tiny scale) to wallpaper all the walls with the same pattern. Then I reminded myself, “They’re mice.” They’d grab anything they could find from the people whose house they live in. So different papers abound in the house.

IMG_6755 (1280x960)

IMG_6759 (1024x768)

The walls being glued together. The inside is finished first.

IMG_1684 (1024x768)

Inside the resin shoe. The space is small, and will be covered by the first floor. I plan to light it with an LED light, and make it the kitchen.

IMG_1683 (768x1024)

IMG_6756 (1280x960)

The inside of the kitchen is viewed through the front door.

IMG_1686 (768x1024)

And a window on the other side.

IMG_1685 (768x1024)

IMG_6757 (1280x960)

More pictures as I continue!