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Have the second floor built and put onto the first floor.

IMG_1767 (600x800)

More mix-and-match wallpaper by Mrs. Mouse.

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I’m lighting this house–will be hard to see inside when it’s all put together, so four LED lights are going in. This fixture on the bottom floor is from Lighting Bug. Lighting Bug has a cool new LED system for 1/4″ scale–it has a battery box, and will work on their LED lights, or any 12-volt light. They system is $39.99, but I figured I’d spend that much buying lights, transformers, accessories, and switch box on a 12-volt system, so what the heck? The Lighting Bug system is small and easy to use. Will let you know how it goes when I put all the lights together.

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Because the bathroom will be inaccessible once the roof goes on, I had to finish the whole room first. That means everything! I prefer to decorate as the fit takes me, but I sucked it up and did the whole bathroom in 1-2 days.

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The picture over the tub is a cow in a bathtub (cow is upside down). I couldn’t find a mouse.

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Bathroom accessories were fairly easy. Mirror is a jewelry finding with shiny paper punched out w/ a 1/4″ hole puncher. Pictures are print outs. Towels: fabric cut in narrow strips, folded and glued. The towel beside the sink hangs from a jump ring. Bathroom fixtures a kit from Suzanne and Andrew’s Minis. Rug is printed paper that came with another 1/4″ house kit. Colored plastic bits made bottles on the shelf (a modified kit from Karen Cary). Plant is green model train clumpy foliage, dabbed with pink and yellow paint, put into a 1/4″ scale bowl bought from Pearce Miniatures. Mrs. Mouse likes pink and lace, so the curtains are lace and the shelves are painted pink!

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Lit the bathroom with a tiny LED so things can be seen through door and window when the roof is on.

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Outside of shoe painted. The bricks were molded into the shoe already, and I painted them–mortar gray, bricks dry brushed “Heritage Brick” from Americana, then washed with burnt umber dirty water wash.

IMG_1778 (600x800)

Tile floor glued into the base of the shoe, which will be the kitchen. Another room that must be finished first!
(Note that the shoe house kit contains no wallpaper or tile for the kitchen–it’s all from my leftover supply boxes. It does have the wood flooring for both first and second floor.)

Outside finishing next.