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I continue to pick away at decorating the interior of the Fairfield half inch house. Click photos for larger views.

IMG_1727 (600x800)

The living room, looking into front hall.

IMG_1729 (600x800)

Kitchen (was dining room in kit’s original layout)

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IMG_1732 (600x800)

Bathroom. Probably needs the most finishing touches. (Original house kit has this as another bedroom, I think. I like huge bathrooms!)

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IMG_1742 (600x800)

The original kitchen downstairs became a staircase hall, office, sitting, whatever room. Need much more in here.

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IMG_1746 (600x800)

IMG_1749 (600x800)

Upstairs hall sitting room with beautiful furniture by Nell Prescott I bought at auction.

IMG_1750 (600x800)

I opened the tower room, extended a staircase to the third floor, and made the tower a writing nook.

IMG_1747 (600x800)

Closeup of tower / writing nook.

IMG_1743 (600x800)

Right side of house all lit up.

IMG_1744 (600x800)

Back of house lit.

IMG_1752 (600x800)

Side porch with coach light.

IMG_1725 (600x800)

Front bay looking toward front porch.

I need more paintings, a little more furniture, curtains or blinds, and finishing touches, but I’m getting there! I’m very happy I did this house.