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I changed the light fixture in the kitchen of the Blue House, and finally I have light in there to see everything. Click pics for close-ups!

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I love this broken egg on the floor, a creation of Jan Patrie from Autumn Leaf Studio.

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The living room fireplace with new ornaments. Books came with bookcases I bought at auction, plus Goebel figurines from the same auction.

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I keep rearranging this table. Now when the guests arrive at the B&B, they can have sweet treats–ice cream, pumpkin pie, cookies, and for some reason, a basket of rolls.

Whenever Jan Patrie of Autumn Leaf Studio comes to the Small World Mini Show, I always stop at her table and pick up something new! This year it was the rolls, pie, and cups of tea with lemon (scroll down for those). She also made the basket of black cherries in the kitchen sitting on the white stepladder.

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I’m always adding things to the bed. The inexpensive long pillow sold by Hobby Builders Supply matched exactly.

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The tea tray with one of the cups of tea by Jan of Autumn Leaf.

I never really finish my houses. I’m always seeing something that would look great in them. Doesn’t matter if it’s an inexpensive or found item or something by an artisan–if it works, it goes in!