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The porch of the country cottage turned antique shop will also be filled with wares. I’ve put together old things in my boxes with a touch of new.

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The pie safe came in the boxes I bought with the Blue House, as did the spatterware (some metal, some Chrysnbon). The “metal” pitcher is a recent purchase (like a few weeks ago), from Angelika’s Minis on Etsy. She has some neat stuff!

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These golf clubs were made by Nantasy Fantasy. Amazing detail. The ball bag opens and is filled with mini golf balls! Individual ones. Wonderful craftsmanship.

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Front porch next to the front door. More good stuff for the antiquers!

I am very close to being done with this project. Need to hide the wiring on the back of the house, do a few little finishy things, and add a sign. Then find a place in my house to display it!