I have mostly finished the Music Room in the Big House Remodel, so I will regale everyone with pictures! (Click for close-ups)

IMG_1839 (1024x768)

First some general overview pics. The whole space is 16″D x 17″W x 12″, though I took away about 2-3 inches of depth with a false wall and French doors leading to a garden.

IMG_1840 (1024x768)

I hadn’t started out to amass a musical instrument collection (figured I’d put in a couple of things), but I kept finding opportunities to acquire them. Took me a couple of years, but here they are. (More details on each below.)

IMG_1826 (768x1024)

IMG_1825 (768x1024)

IMG_1832 (768x1024)

Beautifully made mandolin is part of a set of instruments I bought at auction. They were handmade by L.W. Norman.

IMG_1831 (768x1024)

Dulcimer is part of the L.W. Norman instruments. Most of the decorative items in the built-in shelves I purchased at the Mini Time Machine musuem’s shop (glass, silver wedding vase, ceramic quail). A couple of the pots I bought from Craig Roberts at a show, the top one in this picture is from Poco Pots (it has horsehair in it, mane clippings!).

IMG_1830 (768x1024)

Two beautiful guitars from L.W. Norman.

IMG_1829 (768x1024)

The guitar on the floor stand is by Nantasy Fantasy. I believe I bought this via Mainly Minis. I made the stand (as well as the hanging stands). How to make the floor stand baffled me, until I found a pattern for an easel and modified it.

IMG_1828 (768x1024)

IMG_1833 (768x1024)

Banjo is the fifth and final instrument in the collection from L.W. Norman. Gorgeous! I also fell in love with this Knowle sofa made by Ron Hubble. I custom ordered it.

IMG_1862 (768x1024)

This is a lovely music cabinet made by Shannon Moore. I’m annoyed that this photo came out blurry, but you can see the burle veneer on it–so pretty. The violin on top was part of a Reutter Porcelain set.

IMG_1863 (768x1024)

The cabinet open. It’s beautifully made. Historically, the cabinet was meant to hold instruments, such as violins, as well as music books.

IMG_1841 (1024x768)

A shot of the room via the front hall.

IMG_1842 (768x1024)

The instruments I’ve bought are works of art in themselves. This is the Nantasy Fantasy guitar. Perfect workmanship.

IMG_1843 (768x1024)

The painted harp is by Ron Kerr.

IMG_1837 (768x1024)

This is a Ralph Partelow piano. I had in mind to buy a regular grand piano, but I liked this one because it’s unusual. It’s a box grand.

IMG_1836 (1024x768)

Inside the piano. The detail is a little hard to see in the picture, but the stringing and soundboard look very real.

IMG_1847 (768x1024)

Another thing I splurged on was this fine chandelier by Luminations by Mr. K. It’s hard to take pictures of it, because the camera spreads the light. This pic is a little dark, but easier to see detail.

IMG_1848 (768x1024)

At this angle you can see it lit a little better.

IMG_1852 (768x1024)

IMG_1853 (768x1024)

IMG_1851 (768x1024)

Some “through-the-windows” scenes for fun.

IMG_1856 (768x1024)

Switching to the front hall, which is not quite finished, but getting there. I redid the floor in parquet to match the music room.

IMG_1855 (768x1024)

Another shot. Sofa is hand carved by Susanne Russo. She describes how to hand carve like this in an issue of the Scale Cabinetmaker. When I saw the sofa at the auction, I recognized it from the article and decided to bid on it.

IMG_1859 (768x1024)

Back to the music room. The chair is “vintage” Bespaq I bought from Mountain Miniatures. I figure the lyre motif went with the music room! The still-life picture is by Cezanne. (He didn’t actually paint this one! It’s a cut-out picture I framed.)

IMG_1860 (768x1024)

This table is a brag. I made it in a class with the Boorums at the NAME convention in 2013. I had it mostly done in the class, but finished it at home. We learned how to taper the legs, router the top, do the inlay, and cut the rest of the pieces for the table. I finished it with paste wax. (They carved the drawer pulls for us.)

IMG_1838 (1024x768)

An overview shot. I need a good piano bench or stool, and I’ll probably re-do the curtains, but I think I can put a fork in this one. It’s done.