Meghan Dorsett sent me this note about ordering back issues of The Scale Cabinetmaker (which you can find at or

“After releasing all of TSC on cd-rom this past fall (2013), we decided to take one more technological leap. All of TSC is now available, by issue, as downloadable pdfs. Folks can go online to, choose the issue they want, and download it directly to the computer. No waiting, no shipping, now wondering if the delivery service is going to manage to deliver it in this lifetime. We made the move because the Postal Service and the other shipping companies raised their international rates to a level just this side of insanity.

We set the price at $6.00 per issue, which given what we include in an issues is a heckuva deal. We do still have some print issues available, so if folks write us and ask, we may actually be able to fill in some of the missing materials. Thanks for your support over the years.


I (Jennifer) now own every issue. The magazines are chock full of projects from easy to complex, and contain plans for complete houses, furniture, accessories, plus plenty of articles on how to use tools (both power and hand), how to hand carve, make dovetailing, mortise and tenon, and other joinery, metal minis, room box arrangements, and and ways of making minis you might never have thought of. Projects come in all scales: 1″ , 1/2″ and 1/4″ (esp the 1/4″ Italianate Victorian house that looks gorgeous).

When I lived in Germany, I would take TSC with me to the train station for my journey from the farmhouse into the bigger town, and read them cover to cover. Now I have the room and time to try to build what I could only read about back then!

Again, they’re at: or