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IMG_1878 (768x1024)

This “room box” is a shallow diorama type box, which fits into a 1″ deep frame. It’s a kit by Ginger Landon Siegel She taught a class at last July’s NAME show; I didn’t take that class, but I thought it was a cool project (the facade of a house). This one is similar, except an interior rather than an exterior (obviously).

IMG_1879 (768x1024)

When I saw this kit on her site, I was intrigued. I’m always looking for different projects to do. The kit starts with a photograph, which is then manipulated and enhanced. The result is a cool-looking diner interior. She provides the frame and everything needed to complete the display box (including the lighting).

IMG_1880 (1024x768)

I’d never done a project like this, and I wasn’t sure about it as I was doing it, LOL, but it taught me a lot about perspective and fool-the-eye techniques.