Received this comment, and I thought it would make a good post:

A couple of quick comments. First, thank you, Jenn, for your continuing support of The Scale Cabinetmaker. We are still reintroducing TSC to the miniatures world, since there was a nearly 20 year span where it was only available on places like ebay.

In reference to the comment about figuring out the dimensions in TSC. We always used the “full dimensions” so that models could be built in any scale, or as the case with the rolltop desk, in full size. The trick is understanding the architects rule. Standard rulers are divided by eighths; engineering rulers by tenths, and architect’s rulers by twelfths. Pick up a architect’s ruler and take a look at the different scales. For most miniaturists, you will only be using one side. Find the scale that has a “1” at one end of the scale and “1/2″ at the other end. The “1” inch scale is used for 1/12th and the “1/2″ is use for 1/24th (or half inch) scale. If you look at the “1” side of the scale, you will see something that looks approximately like this (yep, writing this without using graphics is a whole lot harder–my apologies for keyboard drafting):

1 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I…
(inches) 0 1 (feet) 2 3 …

The marks (numbers) to the left of the “0” equal inches; the marks/numbers to the right of the 0 equal feet. So, a practical example. Say you have a table that is 32″ tall. 32″ = 2 feet, 8 inches.
1 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I…
(inches) 0 1 (feet) 2 3 …

This is sort of a quick explanation of how to read the ruler and the dimensions. We are in the process of adding some new sample articles to our main website (, and I’ve made a note to add the article on scale measurement and the architect’s rule to the list of free samples. Give me a week to get it up online.

We finally managed to trudge our way into the 21st Century, at least in terms of publishing, and have released all 20 years of TSC, by issue, as downloadable pdfs. We added the first two Cabinetmaker’s Guides to the list of pdf based books this past week (in time for the first volume’s 50th birthday). The download documents can be found on also finally set up a Facebook page and a Pinterest site for Dorsett Publications where we give out free tips and updates on new books and so on.

Jann says:
I love TSC. Just scrolling through, thinking, hmm, what can I try to make, is great therapy! 🙂