Sassy Lady

I rarely buy dolls, but when I had a chance to get this one by Marsha Backstrom, I couldn’t resist. I love her attitude, her confidence, her dress sense, and her indifference to age!

IMG_2347 (600x800)

IMG_2350 (600x800)

Love that hat.

I wanted to display the doll somewhere (a) my cats wouldn’t get at her; and (b) in a setting that went with her. I decided she’s just gone shopping to supplement her wardrobe–or at least what’s underneath it.


Here’s all the stuff I gathered–shoes from Sylvia Rountree (Dolls’ Cobbler), and lingerie and more shoes I found at Mainly Minis (they carry terrific accessories).

IMG_2351 (600x800)

Here she is, surrounded by her just purchased accessories.

I built a quickie scene in a display box, and here is the final product. This sits in my foyer to greet guests.

IMG_2530 (600x800)

IMG_2529 (600x800)

IMG_2528 (600x800)

IMG_2527 (600x800)

She’s gaw..geous!