Sparrow Cottage

I’m going absolutely nuts not being able to work on minis. Someone hand me some wood and a glue bottle!!!

In lieu of making minis, I can post pics of them. I am working on posting final pics of all my projects (and I have many). Today it was Sparrow Cottage, a 1/4″ kit I built in 2014. The pics are here:

IMG_1653 (1280x960)


I haven’t posted much here, because at Thanksgiving, our water heater broke and leaked all over the garage, seeping into the living room (the real-life one). Wooden floor in living room was totally shot. Because the flooring was discontinued, we have to replace the flooring in the entire house. So–minis had to be packed up and put away.

The good news is, none of my minis were affected in any way (except having to be packed).

But–as soon as the bedroom I do my hobbies in is re-floored–I’m back to mini-ing! This is also giving me the opportunity to clear out and reorganize (trust me, I need to).

When I’m back up and running, I’ve got several projects planned. I’m actually going to put together the Beacon Hill!!! I did a mock up of it, to decide what to do already, then had to pack it away again (sigh).

To keep sane, I’ve been working on the Honeysuckle Cottage 1/4″ scale kit by Sue Herber. Pics when I can get to them.

It’s very hard to have to go on a crash diet from minis. I’m having withdrawals.

On the other hand, my kitchen didn’t have to be torn up, so I’m getting my creative frustration out by cooking!! I’ve tried so many new recipes since Thanksgiving. 🙂

Because I don’t like posts without pictures, here’s a fairly recent one I took of the side porch of Lisa’s Country Cottage (one-inch scale)

IMG_2472 (600x800)

You can see the rest of the cottage (an antique shop) here:

More when I am not frantically packing or moving furniture from room to room …