I have been so incredibly busy with writing that minis has had to take a back seat, but I at least started on the floor for my mechanics garage.

IMG_2899 (800x600)

Base coat is Americana Neutral Gray

IMG_2901 (800x600)

Paint palette for spatterdashing to look like concrete: burnt umber, black green, warm white, and black.

IMG_2905 (600x800)

Floor more or less finished. I coated with a matte sealer. (It looks like I used a lot of black green spatter here, but in real life, the green doesn’t show that much–must have been the light when I took the pic.)

IMG_2906 (800x600)

I want a drain in the floor–I took a washer (which is actually a lamp part from JAR/JAF #1480), painted it raw umber, and glued it over a screen mesh. I will give it more paint and make it look a little rusted.

Now to work on painting the walls, find artwork (signs, what-have-you) for inner and outer walls, and plan the lighting (mostly indirect, but some work lights as well). Want to put a bathroom in the front right corner, one of those kinds of filthy bathrooms most women would refuse to use. 🙂


Almost forgot to add my assistants, who help with everything, as you can see.

Fun stuff!