It’s fun to make things grungy and ugly instead of pristine and beautiful.

IMG_2931 (600x800)

I’ve started painting and aging the outside. I want this to be an old mechanics garage, still running because everyone in town knows the owners and trusts them with their classic cars. I aged the walls with a mixture of antique white and burnt umber paint, highly diluted. Dipped paintbrush in both colors, swirled brush in cup of water, swiftly brushed across walls and art. If I got too much on, I dabbed or lightly wiped off with a paper towel. I went with the two-toned blue and white for the base paint, because I’ve seen similar paint jobs on real buildings and think it’s hideous.

IMG_2928 (800x600)

A smattering of things I’ve collected from various places for the shop’s interior. I’ve been studying photos of small privately owned garages (and looking at them around town). The more cluttered the better!

IMG_2933 (600x800)

The interior taped again. The wall in back is the wall of my full-sized room–that side will be open. I’m testing to see where front walls, beams, etc will land. I will put a bathroom in the front right corner (on the left here as you look at this photo), viewable only from an open door. Where the paint changes color is where the bathroom will go.

IMG_2932 (600x800)

I plan to put the garage door from Houseworks in the front, rather than the sliding glass patio doors from the kit.

IMG_2930 (600x800)

Another shot of the “helpers.”

I need to figure out the lighting. Every shop I’ve seen has hanging flourescent lights. I’ll probably end up making my own. Also I want a work light (the kind at the end of a cord so my guys can see what’s under the car).

Much more to do, but it’s fun and a new challenge.