Garage–Basic build done


I’ve pretty much finished the basic build of this kit. The windows are in and all the trims.


Because I put my kit together a little bit backwards, I had to sand down the trim around the garage (which is supposed to go on the interior, where it fits perfectly). I sanded a little too much, so the beam has bowed a bit, which made the windows not fit. So I had to sand down the windows until I could get them into the slots. Also, the track for the garage door sits too close to the walls, so the windows now don’t fit flush to the front. This is what I get for changing things.

But–I sanded and trimmed, painted, and installed, and it all came together.


I took the windows apart to paint them, otherwise, the panes would be one gray mess.

To get them apart, I painted rubbing alcohol on the corners of the end piece, let it soften about a minute or two, then pulled off the end. The alcohol dilutes the glue.

I took the glass out of the panes the same way–alcohol brushed on corners of one end, end comes off, panes slide out.

I didn’t paint the tracks, to make sure the windows slid open and closed again when I finished. It was tricky to get the windows glued back in place exactly so they would slide into the slots and also open and close.


The back trim: The back trim is a u-shaped piece designed to wrap completely around the raw edges of the walls.


The fit is very snug, so snug I didn’t even glue the trim to the wall. If you are using wallpaper, I suggest you either 1) put the trim on, draw a line, then cut your wallpaper at that point, or 2) put the trim on and leave it there, and wallpaper up to it.


Clamps help keep on the top trim piece which goes over the screw holes.

Note that top trim fits against back trim, not flush with the back. Yes, I had to pull mine off and glue it again.

Another tip–it helped me to drill a starter hole with my Dremel before screwing the screws in. They went straighter. Drill bit was 3/32″.




The only thing I haven’t done is paint or stain the foundation, which I should have done first, but I didn’t.

I’ve also decided not to put the roof on. I will display this against a wall, so the front can always be seen, and then viewers can look down inside.

I will put in a bathroom and lighting, and then decorate, but overall, the kit, as it came in the box, is done.

I’m glad I chose to make it a garage. Grunging it up has been fun.

Garage (Denise’s City Cottage) Door and progress

IMG_2937 (800x600)

Started gluing everything together. Walls, painted and aged with old ads are up.

IMG_2939 (600x800)

Showing the rafters with the roof supports going in.

IMG_2946 (600x800)

I modified the front to put the Houseworks garage door in. Was a little tricky to install the door because the front wall isn’t a solid piece–they are two pieces of wood meant to fit in the frame that comes with the kit. So getting the door to stay between the pieces and glued in the correct width apart was … challenging.

I reversed the trim that comes with the house and used it on the outside instead.

IMG_2947 (600x800)

The garage door from the inside.

To be done: Front windows and all the trim go in, and that essentially finishes the kit as is.

What I need to do for my kit bash: Figure out lighting. I’m striking out finding lights exactly as I want, so I’m going to have to make them myself (eek!). Then I will cut walls for the bathroom and finish that (installing lights for it as well). Then to decorate the walls and put in all the junk!