Now that I have the first floor front and shell done, I’m thinking about finishing the interior.
First, the second floor I have is very warped–I’ll have to do something about that.

IMG_3134 (1)

The interior of this house doesn’t sing to me yet. I could finish it as is, but I keep wanting something more…

IMG_3135 (1)

I’ve put a chair in that I took from one of my other half-inch houses to show how much room I really have. I’ve chosen to position the divider to have the larger room contain the staircase, while the smaller room will be the kitchen.

IMG_3136 (1)

This will be the kitchen. I toyed with cutting another door in the side for a back door and porch, but I’m still not sure I want to do that. That would take away more wall space. On the other hand, what house doesn’t have a back door?

IMG_3133 (1)

A shot of the exterior side. I’m fine with how the exterior looks–it’s why I bought the kit!


So, this morning, I had a few nutty ideas. First, I cut the staircase apart so I could have a wrapping staircase with a landing instead of a straight one against a wall.

I also thought about the bungalow I lived in as a child. These “modern” houses had a floor plan unlike older houses that opened into a staircase hall. We walked right into the living room (some have a small foyer), and the staircase was placed more or less in the middle of the house.

I toyed with the idea of doing that here, but I wasn’t sure how to work it. Then I had the idea to have the staircase against the partition wall instead of the other side of the living room. Why not have it up the middle wall, which is how most houses are laid out?

This will entail cutting a new hole for the stairs (I’ve marked it on the floor), but what the heck? I have a saw. I’ll have to plug up the other hole as well.

To accommodate the stairs coming out on the next floor somewhat realistically, I’m going to do away with one of the partitions upstairs (the right-hand one looking from the back of the house). It might have to use beams to brace the roof where the partition wall should go, but I can do that.

I’ll have the room where the staircase comes out a giant loft bedroom, with the smaller room on the left being a bathroom.

With the stairs moved, I can put fireplaces in to correspond with the chimneys that will be added to the roof.

Now it’s starting to sing! I’ll see if I can do this as planned.