Probably what takes the most time on the RGT half-scale bungalow are the little details on the outside–trim, brackets, rafters, shingles, windows.


Painting all these fiddly bits is what I like the least. There are fourteen brackets (in pieces–you have to put them together), 20 (I think) rafters, and a bunch of horizontal and vertical trim.

Laying the pieces on the sticky side of painters tape and painting them all at once makes things faster. Spray painting also probably works, but I don’t have a good place to do it, and the fewer toxic fumes I’m around, the better.


Constructing the brackets. Each is three pieces, half are angled to the right, half to the left. Larger ones go on the ends of the house, smaller ones under the eaves of the gable. I sanded and touched up the paint after I glued them together.



The window frames. The instructions have you hold them together with rubber bands, which helps keep the joints square and tight.


Wasn’t as tricky as I feared. A key is to use a rubber band that’s not too small–find one that’s just tight enough to go around the inside of the frame to hold it in place, not so tight it will snap everything apart.




Gluing on the brackets. The half-scale house is easy to turn upside down for this step. It’s nice and light.


The rafters. These are small pieces that go under the porch about every inch, to simulate full rafters.


The brackets and rafters done, and the house ready for shingling.


An inside view of the completed windows. One frame goes on the outside, the pane of “glass” goes in from the inside, and the inside frame is then put in the opening. I’ve also installed the fireplace I built, and I’m starting the flooring.


The kitchen with window, inside door, and the “tile” floor I’m going to use. I purchased doors from Majestic Mansions (via Mountain Miniatures). The tile floor is a printie.


Upstairs room with gable window, door to bathroom, and flooring fitted (though not finished).


The interior so far. I will trim, put in staircase, and add lights to the bedroom after I shingle and put finishing touches on the exterior. I like how it looks so far!


Now comes my other least favorite part of dollhouse building. Shingling! I know there are now shingles you can apply by the strip, but I couldn’t find any in half-inch scale that would go well with this house.

So, it’s one piece at a time. A tip–use shingling to catch up on TV shows or audio books.

More when I finish.