Now that I’ve achieved some mini goals this year (half-scale Bungalow, the HBS kit that I turned into a garage, and revamping the electric system on the Big House), I’m pondering new projects.

Right now, I’m not in the mood to open another kit and go through the steps. I am debating whether to design a house myself or learn more furniture building from scratch.

Possibilities: A new half-scale house based on real houses I saw in South Carolina.


A trip to Charleston introduced me to Charleston Singles, houses that are one room wide on the street. You go through the front door to find yourself on a long veranda that runs alongside the house, far back into the property. They’re built like that to catch the winds for ventilation.



Aren’t they gorgeous? I have to wonder why more dollhouses aren’t designed like this–dollhouses are typically one room deep (for easy play or viewing), and these houses are one room deep too.

The street front and veranda would be the dollhouse exterior; the interior could be viewed through the open back opposite the veranda side (or fully enclosed with maybe both ends swinging open).

Just a thought!

I looked up floor plans on the Net, found some from the olden days:

Basically the downstairs was a drawing room, hall with stairs, and dining room; bedrooms upstairs. The kitchens were in the back of the property, usually not attached to the house.

I’d want to do a “modern” house, with kitchen inside (and a bathroom or two).

Then there’s this one, which I think I saw on Pinterest


Lovely! This one could be small enough in 1-inch scale to not take up much space.