I’m going to do it. I am going to put together my Beacon Hill.


I’m going to try to show how I build this, step by step, though I’ll be kit bashing.


When I took the large sheets out of the kit, many of the smaller pieces fell out of them. I gathered them up and put them into ziplock bags to keep them safe.

Back before I moved, I located the main pieces of the house, which are used in the first couple of steps in the instructions, and taped everything together.


Here is a shot from the rear, showing the main three floors. An interior wall goes on the bottom floor to separate the staircase hall from the big room on its right.

Here’s a photo from a dollhouse website showing the back view of the house as put together but unfinished.


I like this one because you can see what the kitchen window on the left is supposed to look like.


Front in another example (I think this is from the Greenleaf site).

Anyway, as I looked at the house and photos of the finished house, it occurred to me that 1) I don’t have room for another big dollhouse; and 2) This dollhouse could be cut apart to form two very lovely smaller houses.

And so, as I am slightly insane, I whacked the Beacon Hill in half.


This is what you get: Here is the left side when looking from the front, the one with the bay window on the front and side.


All I had to do was cut the three floors in half where the two parts of the house naturally come together. The walls are pieced so that the left front, tower front, and right front are separate.

I will have to build another wall to go either in the back or the side, depending on what I decide to do.


Here is the tower side taped together. This will make a nice San Francisco style row house.


Rear view of the tower side. Staircase hall is on the right.


I also realized I had in my stash a garage kit I’d bought a while back when HBS had one of their really great sales. I thought, might be cool to incorporate it somehow.


The garage fits perfectly on the underside of the bay window side of the house. Whether I’ll use it as an actual garage or a basement or simply the first floor, I haven’t decided.


If I use it as garage or basement, I’ll build a grand entrance on the side of the house for the front door. I might add a half story on whichever side I pick, with stairs leading up to a front door. (Probably on the right so I can have the bay window that comes with the kit on the left)


My goal is to keep the footprint of the two houses small. Where I might not have room for one large house, I can tuck two smaller ones into corners.

Plus I have the fun of coming up with two different decorating schemes! I plan for the bay window house with garage to be an elegant place with beautiful furniture and chandeliers.

The tower side will be more homey and cozy, maybe with a shabby chic theme going on. Or vice versa.

It’s a beginning! I’ll try to keep a photo record as I go.