I glued the basic foundation to the tower side of the house. The pieces are the first floor (that I cut in half), the foundation back (which I cut to fit), and the support piece, which I used as is, though I put it not in the middle but on the side (on the right, where I cut the floor apart).


When I built the Fairfield, I realized I wanted more support for the foundation, and I feel the same way about this house. I added three pieces in the middle (they are 1.5 inches high and 1/4 inch thick). On the left side, the outside kitchen wall will form another piece of the foundation, and there are foundation pieces for the porch (bottom) that will be added later.


Here is the first floor and foundation, ready to go. This is looking from the back; the porch is on the far side.

Now I need to start sealing wood, deciding what kind of flooring I want, how I’ll be decorating the rooms, and how to do the electricity.

Thinking about wiring, I realize there are benefits and drawbacks to each system (round wire or copper tape). I will probably use a combination of both–whichever is most easily hidden.