The Beacon Hill seems daunting, but broken down into a series of steps, it’s manageable. I am making it more complicated by building it in pieces, but what I figured I’d do is build each section a bit at a time, starting from the ground up.


I did the foundation of the kitchen / tower side last time. Now I’m finishing a few of the walls and putting them together. The instructions tell you to seal all the wood, and true, the plywood it is very thin and porous. I’m using Minwax pre-stain, but any wood sealer found at a hardware store I imagine will work.


Looking at my notes from the Fairfield (another Greenleaf kit), I note that I finished the walls I wanted to paint in the following manner: Two coats of craft acrylic paint, one coat of gloss acrylic sealer (Delta or Americana), another coat of paint, then another coat of sealer. Foam brushes work well to cover areas quickly and not leave brush strokes. If I’m going to paper the wall, I’ll do a coat of white, and then paper over it when dry.

I am currently finishing the bottom two rooms of the tower side, which will be the kitchen and the staircase hall / entrance / sitting room. I want to go shabby chic or cottage / country style, so I’m using Folk Art vintage white for the walls I’ll paint.


I decided in the staircase hall to wallpaper the ceiling with a scrapbook paper that looks like faded wallpaper. I was a little worried, because it’s not made for scale modeling, but turned out well.


I’m putting the bottom floor together–this is the bottom floor plus (as they’re labeled in the instructions) the Second Floor, the Right Partition Wall, and the Front Wall /Right. The boards warp easily, so I had to use a strap clamp to keep them in place while they dried.

I’m prepping the Right Wall, which will be the kitchen and outside wall with pre-painting. I will probably wallpaper the kitchen now (or at least cut a template for the paper), which will make it easier than after the house is together.

While the paint and wallpaper and glue dry, I’m building the staircase, which I’ll start in the next post.

The instructions have us put together the house in the following basic order:

  1. Main walls (minus tower front)
  2. Staircases
  3. Tower front and interior walls
  4. Chimney (partial)
  5. Main roof
  6. Porch
  7. Bay windows (all)
  8. Tower roof
  9. Exterior Trims
  10. Chimney (completion)
  11. Tower roof window
  12. Doors
  13. More exterior trim
  14. Interior trim

I have a way to go! I’ll likely build the tower part of the house first then do the other half of the house, which I will build on to.

Next–the staircases! (with lots of photos)