I’ve made a start on the staircase. There are not nearly enough photos in the instructions for my liking, and the instructions themselves can be a tad confusing, so I’ve taken a ton of photos and hopefully will help others building this house.


Here’s a photo of sheet 12 (in my kit). I took it and of sheet 10, below, because I found it hard to locate the small pieces in the middle of these giant pieces of wood! Above is  the two landing pieces and the first riser (as well as treads and risers next to it). Below are G and H (staircase backs).

IMG_6655 IMG_6657

I hit a snag when looking for pieces A and B. They are on sheet 5, on a piece that was leftover from one of the main front walls (it’s what’s leftover after you punch out one of the big bay window openings). That’s fine, and normally I would have kept it safely and clearly labeled, but then I moved. And couldn’t find this piece anywhere!

I hunted high and low and finally found it–very last piece at the bottom of the box. Of course!

Below are the pieces laid out, more or less in order.


From left to right: A, B&C (two identical pieces), D, F, E (to the right of F); below those G and H. The two square pieces are the landings, and then I have piles of treads and risers.  I wrote all the letters on the pieces to keep them organized.


The treads (on the right) are wider than the risers.


It’s a good idea to clearly label the first riser, as it’s different from the others, but similar enough to get lost.


Start with pieces A, B, and C



They fit like this, notches and end of A into the slots.


Another shot of A, B, and C together.


The instructions say to put piece F next. It was confusing to me how it went on, but I finally figured out it’s like this. However, it’s hard to glue F in without something for it to rest on, so I set it aside and put together the next pieces first.


Piece D (my pencil-marked letter D is sideways here) goes onto the end of piece A, forming a wall.


Piece D being glued to the A,B, C assembly. (The light colored wood is a sanding block I’m using to keep the pieces squared.)


Piece E leads up from the backs of pieces B and C and glues onto piece D (confused yet?)


Here is E and D glued onto the A, B, C assembly.


Now I can add piece F–the end of it can rest on piece E.


Pieces A, B, C, D, E, and F, all glued together!


Another view of the basic carcass together.


Piece H goes on the back of the staircase between pieces D and F. Piece G (not shown) inserts into that open space above H.


The whole thing with pieces G and H in place.


The first riser goes on the bottom step. Make sure it’s flush top and bottom. Don’t trust resting it on your work surface to make it flush. There’s a tab on the bottom of piece A, so nothing sits quite straight.


The treads and risers go on like this. I haven’t glued anything here, because I want to paint the staircase and stain the treads. I’ll put the treads on last.


Just a note–I had to cut the notch in piece F deeper, because when I started to put on the risers, I noticed that F and D didn’t quite match up. Once I notched it more, the riser (one that goes up the next turn here) went across straight.


All the risers are on! Time to stop to paint.


Cuteness break. Ok, onward.


I have my steps and risers painted white. The unpainted back here will go against a wall and won’t be seen.


Another shot of the painted steps. Again I’m painting two coats of white, a coat of gloss, coat of white, coat of gloss. This wood is thirsty.


Next, the trim. These are the two trim pieces to be put on the staircase before it’s inserted into the house. Punch out the rectangles and the rectangle with angle cut out and save them.


The two trim pieces will fit on like this.


Pre-gluing the trim to each other at a right angle.


Trim glued in place.


The three panels glued back in place.


I coated the back of the panels thoroughly, using a cut up credit card to spread the glue.


Here is the staircase all nice and painted.


With treads and landings added.

The basic staircase is  ready to go inside the house.


Slots in the floor for the staircase.



Having cut apart the house actually made it easier for me to install the staircase. Maybe if you didn’t glue in the hall / living room partition right away it would help. (??)


The staircase inside the house as you look from the front (without the front tower wall on)


Staircase inside looking from the back.


Trim for piece F.


This trim piece fits down from the top landing and rests in a notch. My notch wasn’t deep enough, so I had to enlarge the cut.


I’ve come to the end of the photos my phone has uploaded, so I’ll stop here and finish the rest of the trim in the next post, and talk about what I’ll do after that.