Continuing from my previous post:


After I deepened the notch in the second floor for trim piece F, it slid right in and fit over the staircase. This is looking from the front of the house.


Next, trim piece D is fitted over this side, again resting in a notch in the second floor. Now to paint.


Paint added. I should have painted the trim first (had to mask off the ceiling wallpaper so I wouldn’t ruin it), but I was afraid that the painted trim wouldn’t fit right–paint makes wood swell and warp. Oh well. It’s done now!


Here is the painted trim on the other side of the staircase, looking from the back of the house. Notice I didn’t punch out the holes on the D trim. I’m going to leave it in and add a false little door to make it look like it leads to stairs to the basement.


Over in the kitchen, I added wallpaper to the back wall, and a border of paper to the right wall.

Next I need to paint the second floor and ready it for wallpaper so I can go on to the next step, the second-floor staircase. In the staircase hall, I’ll paint the walls and paper the ceiling. The room above the kitchen will be the bathroom, which I will paper.

Next time–Second floor staircase. After I paint like crazy.