After the complicated first floor staircase, the second floor staircase is pretty straightforward. (Breathe a sigh of relief).


The pieces, from left to right: The staircase stringers, a top rail (can’t remember which one right now, but it’s not used until later), below that, the three staircase backs, above those the first riser (mark it!), then the other risers, which for this staircase are all the same size. Then I have a couple of third floor rails (these will be placed on top of the thin gothic-looking panels on each staircase and the landings).


Most of the posts and rails (and all the rail caps) for finishing the staircases are on this sheet. I decided to mark them while they were still on the sheet and not punch them out yet. I will be working on the electricity and the floors before I put in the railings, and this way, I don’t lose them (unless I lose the whole sheet–no!!)


This is sheet 15, which has the railing sections, some of them already used for the first-floor staircase. For the second floor, you need the railing you see in the middle.


I’m keeping a small box to hold the little pieces–the top rail sections I won’t use until later, the backs of the staircase, the treads. Handy for not losing all the small bits.


Make sure to mark the first riser (my “2” means first riser, second floor). It’s different from the others and easily misplaced.


Beginning: The first riser (the narrow one you marked), the uppermost riser, and a random middle riser (both of these are just risers from the main pile) are glued to one side of the staircase. Squares help keep them, well, square.


Adding the second side. I propped it with one of the bottom staircase pieces to help it stay square while drying.


Add the rest of the risers all the way up.


This is the railing section that will go on the stairs. The instructions say to put on the treads first, but because I want to paint the staircase, but stain the treads, I’m gluing the railing on first. I could have painted everything beforehand, but I didn’t have the patience.


The railing in place. It helps to lay the staircase on the table with the railing on bottom, to make sure it glues nice and tight. Weighting it is not a bad idea.


Staircase backs glued in place and clamped until dry.


Everything painted and ready for the treads.


I sanded the edges of the treads after staining them, to show a little wear and tear.


All the stained treads in place. The unpainted side of the staircase will go against the wall.


Another shot of the staircase ready to go.


The second floor in place and waiting. I made sure I had the walls painted and finished before I put in any staircases. Easier than painting or papering around the stairs!


It’s fairly easy to insert the staircase and glue it in place. I haven’t actually glued mine yet in case I need to fix something.

This was a much simpler staircase! But it looks nice.

I will wait to do the rails and posts around it and the first-floor staircase until after I figure out the flooring. Piecing flooring around the posts will be too tricky, I think.


I have more of the walls up, including the outside wall (this will be the bathroom), and the ceilings finished.

Next I’m going to figure out the electricity. I plan to have only ceiling fixtures, with the wires going up through the ceiling to attach to the copper tape on the floor above (then flooring will cover the tape). I haven’t planned any sconces thus far.

Now, that is the plan. What actually happens might be a different thing.

I have some ideas on how to lay the tape wiring so I’m not snaking over walls I’ve already finished. I was going to slide tape between walls and floors, but everything fits together so tightly that idea isn’t going to work. I’ll see what I can come up with.