Because the single windows were fairly easy, I hoped the kitchen bay would be more of the same. No!!

Mostly because the pieces for the kitchen bay window are on the sheet that disintegrated on me when I pulled it out of the box.


As you can see below, the pieces were warped or broken, making this step a challenge.

img_7434 img_7433

I managed to pull everything out and sort it.


A tip–mark the pieces of the sill and top trim before you lose track, because unlike in the single window, the pieces for top and bottom are NOT the same size. In my photo below, the pieces for the sill are at the top of the picture–large, medium small.

Next comes the kitchen shelf (the straight piece with no notches).

Then the 3 top trim pieces for the window: large, medium, small.




Basically the sill pieces will look like this–large on bottom, medium and small on top.


The sill and trim pieces did not easily fit around the window openings in the house. I had to file the notches to make them bigger.


The largest sill piece more or less wrestled into place. The medium and small will be stacked on top of it.


All three set in place.


Because of the warpage, I had to clamp these when I glued them in. You can see that I had the warpage problem with the top pieces as well.


In fact, the top pieces were even worse.


Per the instructions, we are supposed to put the window sashes in after the sills (like the single windows), then the outside trim, then inside.

Because my inside trim was so warped and broken, and I knew I’d need to clamp it, I decided to put on the inside trim first.

img_7441 img_7440

Inside trim clamped in place to dry. Note I have glued the broken piece on, on the right (you can see the glue line).


The sashes are a little warped as well, but I managed to put them together and weight them while they dried, so it wasn’t too bad.

But then–Argh! Two of the three sashes would not fit inside the window openings!


Therefore–sanding, sanding, sanding the openings in the house before the sashes would fit. (I did this before I glued on the interior trim. A good reason to do a dry run!)

Above I have the windows finally fitted in. You can see the upper trim is still very warped despite the clamping. I will have to fix that later.


Now I’ve glued on the exterior trim, clamped with tape. When I glued the trim together (thinner on top of thicker), and weighted it, the warpage was reduced enough that all I needed was tape to hold it in place.


Inside, the kitchen shelf fits across the sill and just under the ends of the interior trim. I didn’t glue it in place yet–will do that later when I start trimming the interior and figure out where my furniture is going.

I will have to do some fixing and touch up to this window, but it’s done for now, and I’m moving on!

Next time, the dormer windows, which present their own challenges.