The tower window is much like the dormer windows but put in in a little different sequence.


All the parts of the tower window are on sheet 21.


The parts punched out. Looks like a lot but many of them stack on top of each other.


I’m saving the circles that come out of the windows–these would make great table tops or backs for round mirrors. Pre-cut for us!

Anyway, this is how it will all go together.


The window sill and base (good side down).


Medium sill goes underneath the base.


Small sill goes over medium sill. This whole structure will be flipped over to insert through the window opening.


The two half-circles of the trim get glued one on top of the other, outside edges flush.


This is the outside trim–the piece with the decorative cutouts goes over the piece without.


The Ls will be glued smaller on larger, as in the dormer windows.


The window sash (piece with smallest hole) will go behind the outside trim. Here’s how it will all look when the window is put together, including the half-circle trim on top.


But first, to paint to my color scheme. The small rectangular pieces will become the arched roof of the window (like the dormers). The larger rectangles are the sides.


The base and sill inserted into the tower window opening. The stacked sill pieces go underneath.


The instructions have you glue the sides to the sash and then put in the arched roof before sliding it all into the window opening. I knew if I did that I’d be sanding like crazy to make it fit, so I built the window inside the opening like I did the dormers.


Here I’ve glued the sides to the sash (sorry forgot to snap a shot of that), then started building the arch with the small rectangles. As you can see, the last has to be massively trimmed and sanded.


All the pieces in place. The instructions also tell you to put the window plastic onto the sash (on the inside) before you glue this in, but I feared getting glue, spackel, and sanding dust on it, so I saved it for last.


The window arch pieces spackled.


The front trim glued on.


The Ls added, both facing inward, small on bottom. Here I’ve also added the half-circle trim, which rests on the Ls.


Another shot.


Added the window plastic from inside (a little tricky!). But it’s done!


It’s getting there!

The next items in the instructions are the shutters and cellar window, but I decided to leap over those and go on to the French door. Could not wait! The French door / window will be the subject of my next post.