Beacon Hill Left Side: Windows! and Shingles

I found some time to complete the windows and shingle the roof.

Single window pieces painted and ready to be assembled in the window. See my post on the windows for the first half for more details on how to build them: Beacon Hill: Single Windows

The double window is put together very much like the single window. I like the hole in the trim that will show the window sash beneath it.

Window sill is put in first, smallest sill, then medium sill, then large sill. Top trim is large then medium then small.

I’m painting the window sashes a darker shade of green than the trim but lighter than the house. I came up with this shade by mixing the dark and very light greens (simple).

I decided to go ahead and do the dormer windows as well. (See my post on the first side of the house for more details: Beacon Hill: Dormer Windows

This is what the sill looks like, wrong side up. The wider part of the sill goes inside the house.

The painted sill fitted into the window opening.

Sill from the inside.

Sides and front slid through the opening and glued. It is much easier to fit the windows before shingling, but still it’s tight and not quite accurate. You have to get the roof pieces curved and glued down exactly, or the window pieces don’t fit together. Mine were close, but I still had to trim and wiggle and clamp before they were stable.

“Ls” in place with dormer slats glued in.

Completed dormer window with the arrow trim painted and attached to the front. I went with the same dark green as the house for the trim.

Front of the house with all windows done. I won’t put the window pane in the dormers until I’m finished decorating the inside. Learned that on the first half!

For this part of the roof, I added a matte board to the bottom edge (it was cut away to accommodate the tower), and shingled over it. I’ll have to add a wall or something interesting under it to finish off that side.

This half of the house is pretty much done, except for the final trims (the gazillion brackets).

I want to concentrate on the bottom half of the house now, which is the Houseworks garage kit. I need to build the stairs to the front porch and door (and build the porch) as well as get a garage door and do some trimming.

I am thinking I’ll start at the bottom of the house and work my way back up until it’s finished.

I will do the cellar window that comes with the kit, but I’m going to put it on the other half and cover up the opening for it (you can see it in the photo above). More on that when I return to the first half of the house.

I’m also not going to use the shutters. I thought about it for this side, but I like the way the house looks without them. I might make one and test it–I can always change my mind.

If I don’t post between now and then, have a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Joyous Yule, and Happy New Year!