Beacon Hill: Cellar Window

I wanted to make sure I used the cellar window. It is supposed to go at the bottom of the the left side of the house. But because I’m putting the left side on top of a garage, and so eliminating the window opening, I decided to relocate the window to the right side of the house, under the kitchen bay.

This meant, of course, that I had to cut an opening for the window. It was fairly easy to cut through the thin foundation piece.

In fact, the foundation piece fell off as I cut it, which turned out make the window easier to put in. So maybe the cellar window should be inserted before the foundation is glued on?

The four cellar window pieces (from top to bottom): Back, sill, window trim, and window frame.

The sill slides under the foundation, the notches fitting around the foundation piece (very much like the window sills in all the other windows in the house).

The back of the window is glued to the sill–the back’s edge is flush with the bottom of the sill. (If you glue the back on top of the sill, it will be too tall.)

The plastic window glued to the back of the frame.

The window frame set in place, resting on the sill.

The window trim over the frame, ends resting on the sill.

Foundation glued back on house with window in place. I added the bricks to the foundation to finish it.

The cellar window done and in place.

As you can see, I’m also in the process of bricking the foundation (textured brick paper).

I plan to finish trimming this side of the house before returning to the left side.

Interlude: Finishing smaller projects

I needed a break from the Beacon Hill so finished up some quarter inch and micro scale projects.

This is the cute little Sunnyside Gardens, a microscale shop in the “Watercolors” series by Robin Betterly. I had completed the shop before, and now I finished the interior and landscaping kit. (I could have decorated the interior myself, but sometimes kits are more relaxing for me).

We have pots of plants, crates of seedlings, garden soil, garden tools, all kinds of fun stuff.

The interior is a bedroom upstairs of woodland themed furniture, and the shop downstairs, which includes a seed rack and display counters for all the garden goodies.

I had to wash out the exterior to get the photo of the interior through the door. Seed counter and pots inside.

A fun little kit. It’s on display in my living room with the first kit in the series (the cafe). Gee, there’s room for another kit next to the garden shop.

Next: Finished up the landscaping and added an outdoor tub to the quarter-inch scale Creekside Studio.

Decided to put a little vegetable garden here.

This kit turned out really well. I got this from Suzanne and Andrews Minis (link in sidebar under Quarter inch Resources). They don’t have this particular one anymore, but they have a similar kit called “Seaside Cottage,” which has a complete second floor.

Obviously, this needs furniture! Which I will do one day. Right now, I’m ready to return to the Beacon Hill and finish the outside details I need to build on.