Working: Fun Minis to look at

Sorry for not posting here in a while, but I had to step away from both blogging and minis to finish writing a couple of books (one is final, the other I’m still working on). Must write books so I can afford to buy wood strips! In the meantime, enjoy photos of some of my 1/4″ scale projects (these are all kits).

Honeysuckle cottage (kit by Sue Herber).


Interior waiting for furniture.

Shoe house (kit by Suzanne and Andrew’s Minis)

Unfinished interior.

A peek inside the kitchen, in the shoe part.

IMG_1653 (1280x960)

Sparrow cottage (kit by Sue Herber)

Interior of Sparrow cottage (living / dining above, and kitchen below).

As soon as I acquire more wood strips, it’s back to finishing the Beacon Hill!