The balconies that go on top of the porch and each of the bay windows are fairly easy.

Pieces for the porch balcony. Note that while the instructions say there are “wide” posts and “narrow” posts (see eight pieces in back), the posts are all the same size. I checked and double checked. The layout sheet doesn’t differentiate the sizes. I suspect they were made all the same size but the instructions never got changed.

Anyway: Three posts go on the front of the front fence. One each on the front of the two side fences.

One post goes on the back middle, and one each on an end of the back of the left and right sides.

The instructions are a bit unclear as to whether the post ends of the sides go against the front fence while the bare backs are against the house … like this (above).

Or whether the posts were on the ends (below)

I decided I liked the posts at the ends–looks more finished. Here I’ve glued the fences together and upside down on the L shaped railing.

The porch balcony in place on top of the porch.

Bay window trim and balconies were easier.

Left: The balcony pieces. Right: Trim for the top of the bay windows.

I debated whether to use the trim over the top of the bay windows, with the stucco, but I thought, what the heck. Here it is stained and glued on.

The balcony pieces stained and glued upside down onto the V-shaped railing.

Front bay balcony and porch balcony in place.

Side bay balcony finished.

Next step is the roof!