Mountain Retreat–Unboxing

I tried to do a video of the unboxing of Elania’s Vacation House kit, but it was a dismal failure, so here are photos instead.

There is a ton of stuff in this box. The walls, base, roof, and floors, plus stone and clapboard siding, plexiglass windows, logs (if you do the log version), shingles, landscaping materials, stairs, trim, windows (casings and frames), wallpaper, and the full built-in kitchen.

So many little pieces! The first step was to clean off the laser burn with a bleach wash, something I haven’t done before. I usually sand or wipe of the burn, but I have to say the bleach did the job. A little in a jar, swish the pieces around, and then weight them while they dry.

I am now staining and painting all the stairs, doors, windows, floors, ceilings, etc. Once I have all that done, I can begin the actual building.

I’ll be doing the “Aspen retreat” (I’m calling it the Mountain Retreat), which is the one with stone facing and green siding. Don’t know if I’ll do the snow or just landscaping. Summer or winter–I haven’t decided!

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