Christmas Minis

I haven’t done munch mini-ing since moving back to the desert because a) I went to two conferences back to back, b) hit the holidays, c) had to move the rest of the stuff out of another house to put it up for sale.

However, I did some small projects and some Christmas minis! Plus I’ll share my minis from past Christmases.

First, this un-Christmasy suitcase, mixed 1/4″ and 1″ scales. Safari time (old-time safari, that is.)

Then I did a Christmas scene kit:

Quarter-inch scale vignette–this is only about an inch deep, if that.

More mini Christmas scenes!

This scene I put together from a bunch of Christmas items I’d collected over the years, some given to me, some purchased, some found. I arranged it all in a clear acrylic cube, and it stays on display all year. I love this one.

Then we have this micro scale Christmas house, paired with a little lighted tree my husband bought at a show (the lights blink).

I have not yet furnished the interior, but maybe next year! (Click photo to see larger versions)

Finally the peddler wagon! I love this. It’s 1″ scale. I used one of my old Breyer horses to pull the wagon, making him a nice blanket and garland. I’ve had this horse since I was ten years old!

I will return to working on the Mountain Retreat house at the beginning of the new year. It has been a busy fall! It will be a busy spring too, but hopefully with more time for minis!

Credit where it’s due: Most of these are kits from Robin Betterley, except the mini Christmas tree and gifts scene (which is stuff I acquired all over the place), and the gingerbread house on the front seat of the wagon–that one is a kit by True2Scale. Also the blinky Christmas tree came from a show–not sure who made it, or if it’s commercially available.

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