Blue House–Bedroom

The other heart of a B&B, the bedroom! I love this room. Click pics for larger versions.

IMG_0161 (800x600)

An overview of the room. The walls were already papered. The staircase originally came out here, but I boarded up the hole and put new flooring on top. The bed, dresser, and nightstand came out of the many boxes of furniture I’d purchased with the house, as did the rocking horse, the vintage bonnet, and some of the accessories. I painted and dressed the bed and did the curtains. For the first time I experimented with combining different patterns in the same room, and I like how it turned out.

IMG_6151 (600x800)

IMG_6152 (600x800)

bedroomhorse (600x800) (2)

Detail of the left side of the room.


I have started to collect miniature walking sticks as a tribute to Captain Gabriel Lacey in my Captain Lacey Regency Mystery series. He was injured in the Peninsular war and must use a walking stick (with a sword inside so he can beat off his enemies).

IMG_1719 (800x600)

I dressed the bed myself, but added many things. The quilt is from Brodnax–it’s actually paper. Pink and blue pillows by Wendy Smale; embroidered pillow by Marilyn Miller; the big printed pillow is commercially available.


The dolly is by Debbie Young.

IMG_6307 (1024x768)

Toiletry items I picked up here and there.

IMG_6308 (1024x768)

Vintage sewing basket by Bobbi Johnson. I love her work! I have more in the Big House bedroom.

IMG_1717 (600x800)

A close-up of what the B&B lady guest has served in bed.

3 thoughts on “Blue House–Bedroom

  1. Just found your blog whilst checking out all things miniature on the net. My husband got me a sylvanian family and a house at Christmas (I used to love the look of the sylvanian toys when my sons were young but they weren’t interested – have now finally got some of the little critters at the age of 55 🙂 I decided to wallpaper my sylvanian house, thinking I’d had a brainwave, to find that there’s a whole of army of people out there ‘doing up’ sylvanian houses and dolls houses! Your blog is lovely. I had no idea there were dolls house kits you could make yourself. The furniture you use/make(?) is wonderful – every single one of your houses is the kind of house I’d like to live in, in the real world. Love that ‘distressed’ muted colours look you use and the fairy tale quality – giving me lots of ideas. Thanks for creating such a lovely website. Looking forward to browsing all your photos. Hope you don’t mind the long comment.

    • Thanks so much! I just love getting inside these little worlds. I too would love to live in these houses. My real house is much more cluttered and blah. 🙂 🙂

      • Thanks for the taking the time to reply. Like the description of your house as blah – funny 🙂 As soon as I’ve finished my sylvanian house I’m seriously thinking of getting a dolls house kit like the ones you mention and having a go. Trouble is my house is a typical British terraced house so not much space to store these toy houses and such like – I’m threatening to turn our loft into miniature world! Husband already stores his stuff up there though 🙂

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