Blue House–Kitchen

The heart of the B&B is the kitchen, where the owners cook delicious breakfasts and desserts for the guests. This room had been tiled and wainscoted; I added all the cabinetry, and the kitchen “stuff.”

IMG_1707 (600x800)

IMG_1708 (600x800)

IMG_1703 (600x800)

It was fun finding and collecting things for this kitchen, including the apron, the bottle of dishwashing liquid, baskets of fruit, working Roman shade for the back door, dish rack etc.

IMG_1700 (600x800)

There must always be dirty dishes in the sink! On the right counter is bread in cellophane wrap–I’d gotten the loaf of bread in my goody bag and NAME, and I provided the wrapping.

IMG_1701 (600x800)

Fresh-baked cookies from the oven for the lucky guests.

IMG_1709 (600x800)

IMG_1699 (600x800)

Here’s the cookie baking in progress.

IMG_1702 (600x800)

The basket of black cherries is by Pat at Autumn Leaf Studio. I have a lot of her food here and in the Big House kitchen.

IMG_1711 (600x800)

Oh, dear, has someone dropped an egg?

IMG_1710 (600x800)

Yes, they have. This is also by Autumn Leaf Studio. She calls this “Spill happens.”

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