Blue House–Upstairs Hall

IMG_1045 (600x800)

Come on upstairs.

IMG_6218 (600x800)

The stairs in the original Cherrydale kit were the living room and led up into the bedroom. I hate that. I like hallways and staircases that lead to interesting spaces. I moved the stairs here (had to cut a new hole).


In one of the B&Bs I stayed in, the upstairs hall doubled as a sitting room with bookcases and a place to have tea. So this upstairs hall became a sitting room for the guests.

IMG_6219 (600x800)

The theme of vintage toys is carried here with the dollhouse.

IMG_6181 (600x800)

Lovely plaid pillows by Wendy Smale. The guests can have tea with this funky tea set I found on Etsy, and a bowl of popcorn by Autumn Leaf Studio.

IMG_6223 (600x800)

The novel on the sofa is my very first published book, Perils of the Heart. I reduced the cover on a color printer and covered a book with it! I have great fondness for this novel, my break-in into publishing.

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