Microscale–When quarter inch scale just isn’t small enough

Microscale (1/144 scale) is becoming more popular these days, I’ve been noticing. It’s 1/12 of 1/12, or dollhouse sized for your dollhouse.

I’ve been intimidated by this scale (cause it’s so small!!!!) but I have collected a few microscale houses and am feeling my way.


This is a kit by Robin Betterley. It’s tiny! It fits in a 3″ x 3″ x 3″ cube (the base in the kit is a little bigger than that–probably 3.5 inches. I trimmed it to fit the cube).

I’ll do a post on construction tips for this kit sometime. I found it relatively easy, though handling these little bits gets tricky!


The kit is called Blue Sky Cafe. There’s a second kit for the interior furnishings. I haven’t attempted it yet.


This is a 1/144 house I found at an auction, made by Charlotte Scott. It’s 5.5″ wide, 6.5″ tall (including the legs), and 1.5 inches deep. The inside has been finished (painted) but not furnished. I might use it as a cabinet in a 1/12 scale house, maybe with books or wine bottles inside. Or maybe I will furnish it.


I do plan to furnish this Bespaq baby house that I bought slightly damaged and unfinished. The cabinet itself is 1/12 scale. The interior is a 1/144 scale house.


I’ve stained the outside and finished it with paste wax. I will attempt to wallpaper and furnish it! Six rooms, and three halls, all teeny tiny. 🙂 (The house behind it is a 1/4 scale French Quarter house.)


Another shot of the Blue Sky Cafe house. Everything is included in the kit: structure; art for outside, inside, and roof; doors and windows; base, fence, and landscaping materials. Even the doorknobs.



A shot of the interior. Not the best photo, but you get the idea.

Now to furnish it with tiny stuff.

The advantages of microscale–An entire six to ten room dollhouse takes up less than six cubic inches of space. It can be displayed on an end table or table inside the front door, used as a decorative accent on a bookshelf, set on a small shelf in the bathroom.

I’m enjoying it so far. Tweezers, though, are a must.



Cool Auction Find #3 — 1/144 scale houses

IMG_1355 (1280x960)

The one scale I don’t have much of is 1/144 (1/12 of 1/12). For one, my eyesight is bad! And I’ve never come across anything in the scale that excited me.

That changed when I saw these two charming houses by Charlotte Scott in that big auction last fall. (BTW, the auction has been covered in Miniature Collector in the latest two issues–the pieces written up in the magazine were on the high end; I’d dropped out long before!)

Be sure to click on these pics for bigger versions!

IMG_1351 (960x1280)

This is a Georgian brick cabinet dollhouse, finished inside and out. I love how she put the dollhouse on legs.

IMG_1352 (1280x960)

The middle is one solid piece (doesn’t open), and the roof doesn’t open either.

IMG_1353 (960x1280)

Detail of the front door. So pretty (click photo for close up).

IMG_1354 (960x1280)

Side and back of the house with more details.

IMG_1356 (960x1280)

The Tudor house. The Georgian house was the one that had caught my eye, but when this one came up, I couldn’t resist. Terrific details.

IMG_1357 (960x1280)

Each floor opens separately. Top two floors.

IMG_1358 (960x1280)

Bottom two floors.

IMG_1359 (960x1280)

Side of the house with great decorative details.