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The one scale I don’t have much of is 1/144 (1/12 of 1/12). For one, my eyesight is bad! And I’ve never come across anything in the scale that excited me.

That changed when I saw these two charming houses by Charlotte Scott in that big auction last fall. (BTW, the auction has been covered in Miniature Collector in the latest two issues–the pieces written up in the magazine were on the high end; I’d dropped out long before!)

Be sure to click on these pics for bigger versions!

IMG_1351 (960x1280)

This is a Georgian brick cabinet dollhouse, finished inside and out. I love how she put the dollhouse on legs.

IMG_1352 (1280x960)

The middle is one solid piece (doesn’t open), and the roof doesn’t open either.

IMG_1353 (960x1280)

Detail of the front door. So pretty (click photo for close up).

IMG_1354 (960x1280)

Side and back of the house with more details.

IMG_1356 (960x1280)

The Tudor house. The Georgian house was the one that had caught my eye, but when this one came up, I couldn’t resist. Terrific details.

IMG_1357 (960x1280)

Each floor opens separately. Top two floors.

IMG_1358 (960x1280)

Bottom two floors.

IMG_1359 (960x1280)

Side of the house with great decorative details.