Big House vid: 2nd Floor Hall


Here’s a short look at the second-floor hall with elevator. If you wonder why I built the house in the first place with only one flight of stairs–answer: It was my first house and I had no idea what I was doing! Enjoy.

Big House: Vid of front porch and overall house

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Here is another vid, this one showing front porch and the outside. More on the other rooms individually later.

Vid: The Big House Kitchen


A tour of the Big House kitchen, which is on the second floor of the house. I like how it turned out. (Much nicer than my full-size kitchen!) Scale is one inch to the foot.

Vid of Big House Music Room


I ask your indulgence for this post. I’m trying to learn video making, and what better subject than dollhouses. The Big House is a good place to start.

This is best on a laptop, though you can get the gist on a smaller screen. I’ve already improved since this one, but I’m testing to see if I can post it at all. Thank you!

The Big House Updates


I have updated all the photos in The Big House section of this blog (see top or right-hand menu). It’s just about done! Here is a taste of each room:


Front porch

First Floor:


Entrance Hall


Music Room

Second Floor:


Second floor hall


Kitchen (right side)


Kitchen: Left side


Utilities room

Third Floor:


Third floor hall





Fourth Floor (not as finished):




Artist studio


Game room

Almost done! Each room (esp top floor), needs a few finishing touches, and that’s it! It’s been a fun overhaul. I wonder if the next house I make will be “normal.” (Nah.)

Big House–Jewelry Findings–a dangerous obsession!

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I found a new obsession–making minis from jewelry findings. I bought the book put out by JAR-JAF miniatures, and had to try my hand.

IMG_1753 (600x800)

I had way too much fun choosing a project and picking out the findings for it. This Regency sconce didn’t have too many parts, so I began with it. I made two, which will go in the Big House game room on the top floor. Fun!

IMG_1755 (600x800)

This lights, it really does. Now I want to make more! And try something more complicated. See? Dangerous.

IMG_1761 (600x800)

Another project was a compact and lipstick. I had the tray in my extras boxes–made the two lipsticks out of the findings from JAR-JAF, with tiny red stones left over from another project. The compact opens and displays a mirror and powder puff. The little jar with a blue stone was an accident. I’d broken the finding trying to make it into the lipstick. I stuck a tiny blue stone on the top, and decided it could be a rogue pot.

The hexagonal box is from a kit by Lisa Engler (the rest of this neat little kit is shown in closeup in this post).

IMG_1758 (600x800)

Panning back, this is the dressing table I’ve put together for the bedroom of the Big House. I wish I could claim to have made this wonderful perfume and lotions tray, but I bought it from Mountain Miniatures. The gloves are a kit I put together, bought from Dragonfly International. The fan and comb-brush-mirror set I’ve had for so long I have no clue where I got them.

IMG_1756 (600x800)

Backing up to show the whole dressing table.

IMG_1764 (600x800)

The dressing table in place in the bedroom, which is still a work in progress.

I had to go out and buy two storage boxes for the findings, because of course I bought more for more projects. I’ve already made a desk set and candlesticks, which I’ll share when I have the desk vignette I’m working on done. I have my eye on building a big, multi-armed, many dangly bits chandelier…. Stop me!

Big House, Fourth Floor mostly done


IMG_1208 (1280x810)

I have the interior details of the Fourth Floor finally finished. Above is the “after” shot. Below is “before”. Click all the photos for larger versions!



IMG_1210 (1280x990)

Three finished rooms looking from the house’s right side side.

IMG_1211 (960x1280)

This tower room was dark, so I added a skylight (a fake one–papered ceiling with a photo of the sky taken by me at Canyon de Chelley, installed a bright white NovaLyte, and built a window over it).

IMG_1217 (960x1280)

The room through the window. I plan to make this a game room.

IMG_1212 (960x1280)

The middle room is now an artist studio, with another big window. I might swap the art studio and the game room depending on how everything works out. The furniture in these rooms are placeholders.

IMG_1213 (1280x960)

The library on the house’s left side. Again furniture is placed where I think I might want it, but I’ll play with it.

IMG_1214 (960x1280)

The alcove in the library.

I will have to do much more to these rooms, but I’m happy I have all the walls, doors, windows, trims, floors, lighting done!

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