Big House: Vid of front porch and overall house

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Here is another vid, this one showing front porch and the outside. More on the other rooms individually later.

Vid: The Big House Kitchen


A tour of the Big House kitchen, which is on the second floor of the house. I like how it turned out. (Much nicer than my full-size kitchen!) Scale is one inch to the foot.

Vid of Big House Music Room


I ask your indulgence for this post. I’m trying to learn video making, and what better subject than dollhouses. The Big House is a good place to start.

This is best on a laptop, though you can get the gist on a smaller screen. I’ve already improved since this one, but I’m testing to see if I can post it at all. Thank you!

Mini Show 2019


As usual I went to the Small World Miniature Club show and sale this year, and as usual, found some cool exhibits to photograph (and bought too much, also as usual).

I thought this room in a microscope was a great idea!

I love the unusual room box.

Below: Nice Microscale house.

I love this Victorian house. I think it’s 1/4″ scale.

Another lovely smaller scale house.

Nice vignette.

House on stilts.

Haunted house: Note the skeletal hand in the window.

I have a thing for grungy bathrooms, unless it’s one I’m using.

Front and back of a cart–so pretty!

Love this scene of little boys building a plane out of crates. “Girls Keep Out!”

This is “Fox and a Hen House” by Connie Sauve. She is amazing!


And there’s the fox …

Another house by Connie.

I love looking at everyone’s minis. We all come up with different things–the creativity inspires me.

I bought a few fun things that I’ll post when I get everything sorted out.

Mini Museums–Europe


A couple weeks ago, I ran off for a long vacation with my sweetie, on the lookout for minis! I made a pilgrimage to the Spielzeug Museum in Nurnberg, Germany, which I had visited long ago (it has grown), and found a mini museum in Prague which unfortunately I did not have time to visit.

First the museum in Prague I had to miss. It is in the grounds of the Strahov Monastery near the castle district. Many restaurants and beer halls in the area to make for a fun day. I was up there after everything was closed, sadly. If I’d known it was there earlier …

Happily, I did make it to the Spielzeug Museum (Toy Museum) in Nurnberg. I was on a walking tour, we had free time, and my first question was “Where’s the Spielzeug Museum?” It was two blocks away, and I was there!

The Museum occupies this pretty building (with construction tape–they were fixing the sidewalk).

Select photos of kitchens and dollhouses.

They have many toys and games from days gone by as well. I thought these kits of metal pieces that makes a car or working pump pretty cool.

Noah’s Ark in a box.

You look through these little peepholes to see a 3D image inside. It doesn’t look very 3D to my phone’s camera, but it did to my eyeballs. Scenes seemed to stretch to infinity.


More fun stuff that caught my eye!


This little train goes back and forth across the door opening, with chugging and puffing sounds.


The crowning glory of the top floor:


They run the train on the last Saturday of the month, and I was there on the first Saturday. Oh well! It was still a wonderful train layout.

Of course, I needed a souvenir! Reuter Porcelain had this little set for Nurnberg in the museum’s little gift shop.

After that I went down the street, bought a bag of chocolate truffles at a lovely pastry shop called Neef, and returned to the tour bus on time. A great outing. 🙂 (And the truffles were excellent.)

In the Interim: Mini Show

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I have been working flat out at my “real” job as a writer–two deadlines back to back, and two more coming up. Whew! But–I made time to go to a the Small World Mini Show one afternoon and also to finish another kit. Minis is therapy.

Some cool things I saw at the mini show:

This was my favorite exhibit–a wedding suite in a wedding shoe! You can read the story of it here:

This flower shop was really well done! So much detail.

Witch’s workroom inside a spell book. 🙂

I enjoyed these rooms using unusual spaces.

Well done junk shed.

Lovely and unusual Christmas room.

A couple of my purchases. I couldn’t resist this flapper with attitude from Fern Vasi.

Steampunk manikin from Vegas Aires. So much detail.

I went, I saw, I shopped, I came home refreshed.

Beacon Hill: Left side top floor, front bay, interior


I’m setting the house on top of the garage kit from Hobby Builders Supply. My idea is to run stairs up the outside on the left to a porch (which I’ll build), having the front entrance where the side bay window is. I’ll build that later.

For now, I’ve added the walls to the third floor, and given them a primer coat of latex paint.

I realized I should put the bay window on the front, so if I’m wallpapering the inside, I don’t mess it up trying to decorate the interior of the bay.

Bay window parts are pretty simple–the middle and two sides (middle is bigger), plus an “extension” piece and trim for the top. The thinner part of the window wall goes on top (shown here).

The windows fit easily onto the tabs that extend out from the house.

The extension piece (the smaller of the two half octagonal pieces) goes here. It sort of rests on the edges.

The trim piece goes on the extension pieces, overlapping evenly on all sides.

For now, I’m leaving the extension and trim pieces off, because I’m still not sure what colors I’ll use for the exterior.

Back inside. I want a fireplace wall that I’ll trim off, so I painted it with three coats of antique white craft paint and two coats of clear gloss finish (Deco Art is the brand I’m using).

The opening on the right will be the front entrance / porch.

Wallpaper added. All the wallpaper I bought for this house didn’t look quite right when I put it with the flooring and the furniture that will be in here. But oh well. Stock for another house!

This is scrapbook paper. I decided to be a little eclectic. I’ll wallpaper the insides of the bay as well.

Next, finishing the ceilings! And possibly making chandeliers. Or maybe I’ll do more of the structure before installing lights.

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