Beacon Hill: Left side top floor, front bay, interior


I’m setting the house on top of the garage kit from Hobby Builders Supply. My idea is to run stairs up the outside on the left to a porch (which I’ll build), having the front entrance where the side bay window is. I’ll build that later.

For now, I’ve added the walls to the third floor, and given them a primer coat of latex paint.

I realized I should put the bay window on the front, so if I’m wallpapering the inside, I don’t mess it up trying to decorate the interior of the bay.

Bay window parts are pretty simple–the middle and two sides (middle is bigger), plus an “extension” piece and trim for the top. The thinner part of the window wall goes on top (shown here).

The windows fit easily onto the tabs that extend out from the house.

The extension piece (the smaller of the two half octagonal pieces) goes here. It sort of rests on the edges.

The trim piece goes on the extension pieces, overlapping evenly on all sides.

For now, I’m leaving the extension and trim pieces off, because I’m still not sure what colors I’ll use for the exterior.

Back inside. I want a fireplace wall that I’ll trim off, so I painted it with three coats of antique white craft paint and two coats of clear gloss finish (Deco Art is the brand I’m using).

The opening on the right will be the front entrance / porch.

Wallpaper added. All the wallpaper I bought for this house didn’t look quite right when I put it with the flooring and the furniture that will be in here. But oh well. Stock for another house!

This is scrapbook paper. I decided to be a little eclectic. I’ll wallpaper the insides of the bay as well.

Next, finishing the ceilings! And possibly making chandeliers. Or maybe I’ll do more of the structure before installing lights.

Denise’s City Cottage–Garage–Purt Near Done!


The mechanics garage I built from HBS’s Denise’s City Cottage is pretty much done! Scroll down for pics of finished exterior and interior. Click pics for larger views.


Outside, vehicles can fill up with gas or get air in their tires.


Side view with security light.


An overall view.


Overhead shot of the interior. I chose not to put on the roof for easier viewing. I also added the bathroom. The walls are not part of the kit.


Details. Many of the accessories I found at Wright Guide Miniatures, Mainly Minis, and Hobby Builders Supply.





I’m glad I took this photo, because my cats chewed apart the jumper cables not an hour later. I can save them, but still … I purchased this battery charger and battery at a show.



I’ve had to use bathrooms like this on the road. When you gotta go …


Wright Guide Miniatures even had the girly calendar! With twelve vintage beauties. I hung another in the main garage by the large tool chest.



Overhead shot of the bathroom. The grungy single lightbulb is from The Lighting Bug. It was perfect for this room.






There you have it. The only thing I have left to do is hook up the lights and finish the foundation. The wiring goes down the hollow bathroom wall and under the house and will come out the foundation and be attached to tape wiring.

In another post, I’ll show how I built the bathroom and grunged everything up.

I will likely throw in more accessories and posters etc as I come across them, but for now, it’s done!!!

Garage (Denise’s City Cottage) Door and progress


IMG_2937 (800x600)

Started gluing everything together. Walls, painted and aged with old ads are up.

IMG_2939 (600x800)

Showing the rafters with the roof supports going in.

IMG_2946 (600x800)

I modified the front to put the Houseworks garage door in. Was a little tricky to install the door because the front wall isn’t a solid piece–they are two pieces of wood meant to fit in the frame that comes with the kit. So getting the door to stay between the pieces and glued in the correct width apart was … challenging.

I reversed the trim that comes with the house and used it on the outside instead.

IMG_2947 (600x800)

The garage door from the inside.

To be done: Front windows and all the trim go in, and that essentially finishes the kit as is.

What I need to do for my kit bash: Figure out lighting. I’m striking out finding lights exactly as I want, so I’m going to have to make them myself (eek!). Then I will cut walls for the bathroom and finish that (installing lights for it as well). Then to decorate the walls and put in all the junk!

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