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Popping in to say I got a note that says Miniature Luxuries ( is having a huge sale starting today. They have wallpapers, fabric, laces, and decals for dishes and so forth, and trims. All scales. They have lovely stuff. Enjoy!


Terrific DIY site

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Do you know about One-Inch Minis?

A great blog with tutorials just about every month on how to make a variety of furniture and accessories, much of it from card stock and matte board. You won’t believe it’s card stock and matte board!

I’ve tried a couple of smaller projects and like the results very much. Above are the “enamel” ewer and mini books.

I’ve also adapted Kris’s instructions on the plates for the two tiered dessert tray to make a makeup / cologne tray in quarter inch scale (that was one weeny-tiny plate).

Subscribe to her updates to be alerted when a new tutorial is posted, or scroll the left-hand menu for access to many projects. I’m looking forward to doing some more of these!

Another great mini blog to follow

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See lovely things on A Beautiful World blog:

A sample below! The bedroom of her canal house.



Lovely things and a few how-to’s!

How-To blog

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Joanne Swanson, whom I’m convinced can make *anything*, has a blog with quite a few projects:

I haven’t looked through them all, but most are holiday or seasonal themed.

Finding and Making Beautiful Minis

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I’ve learned in the last week that Pinterst is the place to find and drool over pictures of beautiful miniatures. I love making my own, and I’m always happy when something comes out not looking like absolute crap. But I equally love to gaze at and drool over minis made by someone with amazing talent–after all, why do we love minis? Because we can look at them!

My Pinterest board (just started) for beautiful minis is:

Example of beautiful minis I’ve pinned:

By J L Signature Homes, as seen (not by me) at the recent Chicago show.

Pinterest is dangerous, because you click through from this board of minis to that one, to the blogs they came from, and suddenly half the day is gone!

Fairfield update: Am trimming roof and attic floor. Have become a trimming fool!



Cool news from The Scale Cabinetmaker:


From a comment I received from Meghan Dorsett : ” We are re-releasing all 20 years of TSC, including the plans for the Cotswold Cottage, on cd-rom. Volumes 1 through 3 are now available and we hope to have through Volume 10 finished by the end of 2010. We are also releasing the building projects as separate publications, so if someone is interested in the original plans, they can contact us through the website.”
Woo! that is good news! I have gaps in my collection, and it’s a fabulous publication. I treasure all of my TCSs and still use them.
And for my version of the Cotswold Cottage from TSC:

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