Moving update


I have my dollhouse room in my new house almost the way I want it. There’s a big closet with lots of storage for my supplies, and room to work on and display the houses.



Note that one of my cats has already decided where he needs to be.

I also am getting my miniatures “mojo” back. I’ll go for stretches not interested in projects at all, or wondering why I have so many minis. 🙂 Then creativity hits me again, and I’m back to work.

I have the RGT half-inch scale bungalow here on my worktable to furnish and decorate the inside. Almost done with that–have finishing touches to add.

Next I have a very small half-inch scale cottage I’m trying to fix up (it’s sitting on the white step stool in the first photo). And then I might actually finally pull out the Beacon Hill and start it up! (maybe)

Moving continued

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The dollhouses are moved! I will display them throughout the house, once we get the rest of the house unpacked and organized (ha!). Then this will become my workroom. I transported all of these in my car (and my husband’s) and nothing got broken! Yay!


Dollhouse Moving Day

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IMG_4272 IMG_4273

It’s Dollhouse Moving Day.

Pack all the things away ….

La, la-la-la, la-la-la, la la.

Plastic shoe boxes and smaller boxes from Container Store work wonders to pack furniture and accessories. I’m moving these in my car, a load a time.

This is the easy part. I’ll need a truck for the Big House. Yikes. But it once crossed the Pacific, so I’m hoping it survives a transport of 3 miles.

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