Cotswold Cottage

IMG_2489 (600x800)

Welcome to the Cotswold Cottage! This is a half-inch scale version of plans I found long ago in The Scale Cabinetmaker (Vol 10 issue 4, Vol 11, issues 1 and 2).


The original design was for a 1″ scale house that was fully enclosed, contents viewed through windows, or house could be pulled into two pieces (living/bedroom and kitchen/bath).

As you’ll see, I modified it to have an open back, plus I widened the kitchen/bathroom a bit, making it jut out on the right beyond the back door.

The construction is with studs and hollow walls, much like a real house. Each wall is made of illustration board which has been sandwiched around a grid of beams. The house is lightweight, but sturdy. The stud and beam construction let me easily modify the design as I liked, and taught me a lot about dollhouse building.


Overview of right side and back (patio).


The front door of the cottage is on the left side of the house. The hollow-wall design let me put round wiring inside the walls–the wiring comes out to junction boxes inside this “lean-to”; lead wire goes through a hole in the base to a transformer.


My “story” for this house is of a retired couple who spotted it while driving around the countryside. It needed lots of TLC, so they purchased and renovated the cottage. Though it’s a “Cotswold Cottage,” it is based on “kits” that were sold by places like Sears in the 1930s to Americans to build themselves. It’s a cozy, four-room house, just right for a couple who likes to garden.




The back patio with a glimpse of the kitchen door.




IMG_2376 (600x800)

IMG_2491 (600x800)

Backing away to show that this house sits on a turntable, on top of what is supposed to be a living room side table I bought especially to display the cottage. The table has a handy storage drawer for mini supplies.

IMG_2492 (600x800)

You can see the bedroom through the big window upstairs.

IMG_2377 (600x800)

IMG_2493 (600x800)

IMG_2495 (600x800)

The open back. To see the inside, click on one of the links on the the “Half-inch Houses / Cotswold Cottage” menu.

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