Cotswold Cottage–Kitchen


Kitchens are always the heart of the house. I painted this one soft blue to match the tile paper I found and used as the wainscoting.


The short hall goes to the back door. The door to the “basement” I made from a paint stirring stick. It was exactly the right width. Cut it to height, painted, stuck on a doorknob and trim!





I fill my houses with pieces I make and pieces I buy. The trestle table and settle were kits (I believe Cassidy Creations). I purchased the donuts and bowl of pears but made the oranges in the bowl plus the orange slices.
The stove and fridge are actually magnets meant to go on a full-size fridge.


I made all the cabinetry and counters from scratch. The Scale Cabinetmaker has these in a collection of half-inch scale furniture plans.


IMG_2404 (600x800)

I renovate and update my houses when I find new things or just want to rearrange. I recently added a cookie-baking setup from Desert Mini Makers, a new rug (which is a swatch left over from when I was in a fabric club in my sewing days), plus I’ve added some pottery by Jane Graber to the top of the cabinets.

IMG_2405 (600x800)

A yummy-looking cheesecake by Desert Mini Makers was added to the table.

IMG_2393 (800x800)

IMG_2390 (800x800)

IMG_2392 (800x800)

Kitchens should always be warm, welcoming, and smell of baking things!

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