Half Scale Bungalow

This is the Bungalow Kit by Real Good Toys in Half-Inch scale. I originally intended to do the 1-inch scale version, but I’m very glad I did the half-inch scale house. It’s light, takes up less space, and it has the same terrific details as the one-inch scale house.

I debated a long time about what color to paint this, but decided to go with a deep red for warmth.

I couldn’t leave well enough alone on the inside–I moved the staircase from the far left side to the middle of the house, and did away with one of the upstairs walls. I also moved the wall downstairs from the left of the door to the right.


I’m not finished with the inside, but this is the downstairs room with the repositioned staircase.

The old-fashioned kitchen. I found many of the furnishing at Mountain Miniatures. They have an excellent stock of half-inch scale furniture.

The upstairs bathroom. I wanted the wallpaper to be a continuous mural, so I took a couple sheets of typing paper taped together and shoved and folded and cut it into the room until I had a template. The template came out a crazy shape, and I cut the paper with trepidation, but it worked! Fit perfectly and continues the pattern without a break.

The cozy bedroom.

I will do more finishing touches, but I really love this cozy little house.