The Fairfield (1/2 inch scale)

For all my posts on the Fairfield start here or type “Fairfield” in the search box. Scroll down for lots of pics of the finished house. Click pics for larger versions.


The left side of the house. I came up with the color scheme by poring over the book “Painted Ladies Revisited.” I was attracted by the monochrome grays and whites of a few houses, with touches of blue and yellow for highlights. This is my interpretation.


I modified the house by doing away with the porch roof and making it a balcony. To that end, I put in a French window to lead to the balcony and added a window to its left. I also opened the tower into the house, so had to expand the tower walls toward the back.

IMG_1752 (600x800)

Detail of the porch.

IMG_1744 (600x800)

The back of the house. More modifications: I took out the bathroom and added a staircase to the attic. Took out part of the attic floor and made a gallery open to the second floor. I also opened up the first floor, reversing the staircase from the kit’s instructions, and eliminating the wall between this bottom room and the foyer.

IMG_1750 (600x800)

The modified tower open to the house. I made the tower into a reading / writing nook, with a light overhead. This part of the attic floor is now a gallery.

IMG_1749 (600x800)

The modified second floor, with the door to the balcony, no walls, second staircase, and new window.

IMG_1746 (600x800)

IMG_1747 (600x800)

Another shot of the tower interior.

IMG_1742 (600x800)

The ground floor back. This was supposed to be a kitchen, but I’ve made it a grand hall / staircase hall / office.

IMG_1743 (600x800)

The open right side of the house.

IMG_1739 (600x800)

Starting at the top: The game room. A work in progress. I made the billiards table and the cues (on the right in the brass stand).

IMG_1735 (600x800)

Underneath the game room, the master bedroom.

IMG_1727 (600x800)

Bottom floor, under the bedroom: The living room, looking through to the entrance hall.

IMG_1726 (600x800)

Another shot of the living room, and the front door.

IMG_0684 (960x1280)

Top on the right side of the right side. This will be a guestroom for the grandkids.

IMG_1732 (600x800)

Second floor: the bathroom. This was designated as a bedroom in the kit, but I wanted a big, comfy bathroom.

IMG_1734 (600x800)

The kitchen (bottom floor).

IMG_1729 (600x800)

I decided to use the fireplace as a stove hood. I made the stove myself.

IMG_1730 (600x800)

IMG_1731 (600x800)

Looking through kitchen to the staircase.

IMG_1733 (600x800)

The bookcase between kitchen and living room.

IMG_0682 (960x1280)

IMG_0680 (960x1280)

IMG_0681 (960x1280)

IMG_0688 (960x1280)

IMG_0689 (960x1280)

Between the bathroom and bedroom on second floor. I love this Shaker cabinet (purchased at a show).



Looking from porch toward the back. Landscaping in progress.


Front of front porch. What I liked about the houses I found in “Painted Ladies Revisited” was the detailing of the porches–use of wainscoting and molding, plus treatment of the ceilings. I learned to treat the porch as another room, fixing it as I would any other room in a dollhouse.






This is upside down to show how I did a corbel ceiling in the kitchen. This is the first house I attempted to do something interesting to the ceilings instead of simply painting them. It was fun!


Textured paper on the bathroom and bedroom ceilings.


Here you can see how I wallpapered the ceiling of the staircase hall and foyer, and used matching chandeliers.


The corbel ceiling for the living room. It’s cut molding, glued into the pattern, stained, and finished.

This house is still a work in progress. I’m constantly adding furniture and accessories, rugs, and I’ll have to do window treatments. I will post updated pictures as more things go into the house. See my blogy entry “Thoughts on the Fairfield” for lessons I learned while building this house.

15 thoughts on “The Fairfield (1/2 inch scale)

  1. Don’t know if you answer comments, but I’m doing Fairfield and am thinking of taking out the two interior Tower walls for a completely open attic area. With pieces to fit the corners of the Tower to the roof and cutting off the piece of the left gable front which joins the full length slanted roof to the back of the Tower, that should open it completely. I can support the back two sides of the Tower extensions with supports glued to the roof line of the attic roof. I will also have to cut an opening in that attic roof to open it to the now open Tower and may have to provide an additional extension piece.
    If you do respond to these type of posts – do you think this is a feasible bash? I’m anxious to try it, but it’s only my second dollhouse.
    Many thanks,
    Jan Bennett

  2. So gorgeous!! I’m making a simple glitter house out of cardboard and finally got to the porch railing and was looking for a how to …stumbled onto your beautiful work!! The details and all of the great pictures are so wonderful to look at…hats off to you…excellent work ..thank you sooo much for sharing this!!

  3. I’ve been making adjustments to my Fairfield dollhouse, including changing out the railings that come with the dollhouse, for more detailed ones. I got 1/2 inch scale railings on ebay that were made by Houseworks. They are huge! It doesn’t match the size of the rest of my 1:24 scale items. What did you use for your railings?

    • I purchased the railings from Hobby Builders Supply (they are Houseworks 1/2″ scale railings; 1:24). What you bought on eBay might have been one-inch scale. I find that when I buy things on eBay or Etsy, sometimes the seller doesn’t really understand scale–I bought a bunch of accessories (tea sets, kitchen canisters) on Etsy that were sold as 1/2″ scale (1:24), and when I got them they were one-inch (1:12). Which was ok–I just put them in a 1:12 house, but I was disappointed. I suggest you save the railings for another project and try Hobby Builders Supply ( to make sure you get 1:24 scale. Their prices are pretty good.

    • 1:24 is hard to find these days. Mountain Miniatures has a great selection: (scroll down for the 1/2″ scale on the left-hand menu). Scale designs specializes in 1:24: Hobby Builders supply has a limited amount of furniture and accessories ( Also look on Etsy for miniaturists who sell 1/24 (search dollhouse miniatures half-inch scale or 1:24). Some people sell used items on eBay. 1:24 isn’t as popular as it used to be, so the selection is smaller.

  4. I adore what you have done to your Fairfield. Mine has now shot to the top of the list of projects for next year – at the moment it is very pretty but lacks character, particularly externally.

    I’m thrilled to discover you are a miniaturist – I am just enjoying The Hanover Square Affair – my first encounter with your writing – and as is my wont, I read the author’s profile. Huzza for dolls houses!

  5. Really impressive, love the removal of the attic floor to create the gallery. Great detailing of this kit, looks really polished.

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