Arch de Provance


This 1/4-inch scale house is a kit by Sue Herber called “Arch de Provence.” Sue has excellent and unusual houses with lots of good detail here:

In my imaginary world, this is a house in the French countryside, a weekend retreat for a woman who works in a city–either in France or England. She is single (widowed or divorced) and comes down here after work on Friday for a quiet getaway.

(My imaginary lady isn’t lonely–she has plenty of friends in the village plus she sometimes brings her daughter or a friend down with her, and not always a female friend ;-).

Scroll down for lots of photos of interior and exterior.








Since this house is narrow and tiny, I changed the room arrangement from the expected. The bottom floor houses the kitchen; floor 2, the bedroom and bathroom; floor 3, the sitting room and patio.



My imaginary lady enjoys the fresh local produce and likes to bake in the big kitchen.




Upstairs, the bedroom and small bathroom are warm and cozy. She curls up to sleep on the daybed, with the throw for extra warmth.


The top room of the house provides a cozy sitting room for sunlight and weekend reading. On nice days, my lady can relax on the patio or set up the potted flowers she buys at the market.


The patio provides a view and a reading area. The spider plant and barrel of flowers by Pearce Miniatures.

At the end of the weekend, she returns, refreshed, to her job in the city.

2 thoughts on “Arch de Provance

  1. I am in awe of work done to this scale, and yours is brilliant and imaginative. Perhaps I should have a go – it would solve the space problem in the Small Worlds Museum!

    I am so pleased to have encountered your blog; I look forward to many happy hours of browsing.

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