Dutch House


This was my second ever 1/4-inch scale house. It started as a kit from Sue Herber (thing.com). Sue has excellent and unusual houses with lots of good detail.

In my imaginary world, this is a house in Amsterdam that was once a single residence. A historical society purchased it and turned it into a music/recital hall.

Scroll down for pictures of the interior.


The outside of the house I finished as per kit instructions. I love the detail of the multi-paned attic window, the shrubs on the cobblestone street, and the tulip on the doorstep.



The inside I completely kit bashed.


The first floor is the reception room, where guests with tickets mingle and warm themselves while waiting to go upstairs to the performance. I hand-painted the “marble tile” floors. Most of the furniture is from kits by Karen Carey and Bonnie Soucek.


Upstairs is the music room.

I’m particularly proud of the harpsichord, which I built from scratch. I had intended to build a grand piano using instructions by Karen Carey in the Dec. 2007 edition of Dollhouse Miniatures. When I discovered that even the petite baby grand would be too big, I decided to try a harpsichord.

Harpsichord: Since I don’t have access to a real harpsichord (and I wanted this to be a quick and easy project), I hunted for good photographs. I found one of a harpsichord sitting on 1′-square tiles, which helped me get the dimensions.

I modified Karen Carey’s excellent plans for the grand piano, figured out the measurements for the harpsichord and proceeded to build it from 1/32 basswood and cardstock. I printed out photos of the inside of a harpsichord (reduced of course), and decopaged them onto the finished and painted harpsichord. The sheet music on it is by Bonnie Soucek.

The rest of the room (chairs, music cabinet) are kits from Bonnie Soucek, Suzanne & Andrew’s minis, and B J Miniatures


The top floor is rented out to an artist who paints up in the chilly attic.

I enjoyed this second foray into 1/4″ scale. It inspired me to do more!

2 thoughts on “Dutch House

  1. Hi
    Your work is beautiful. I wanted to know if you would know anyone who would be interested in building a Lydia Pickett 1/4 inch scale house for me? I would buy the house and I would pay them for the labor. If you do you can contact me at my email. JosieJo1968@gmail.com
    Thanks Joanne

    • Hi Joanne: I’m going to recommend two things: First, join the Greenleaf forum: http://www.greenleafdollhouses.com/forum/ and ask there. Although the forum is about Greenleaf kits, all kits are discussed there. Second, check for a miniature club in your area, where miniaturists gather once a month–I bet someone there would be willing to make the kit for you. Here’s a list: https://miniatures.org/clubs The Pickett house is a cool kit. I’m tempted to get one for myself! (once I’m finished with all the others….

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